What is the best video card for the money?

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Jan 5, 2006
  1. Im lookin to buy a new vc and I dont have 500 dollars to spend. Any help? I play bf2 and call of duty2 and need more. thanks
  2. blackatana750

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    Ill can spend like 200$

    Ill can spend like 200$
  3. Blue_Myst

    Blue_Myst TS Rookie

    Gfx recommendation

    I bought a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256 MB and I have played all the games eversince.
    Althought I had to upgrade my RAm to 1 Gig for games like F.E.A.R and CoD2
    All the other games run smoothly, so I would say The Radeon 9600 Pro would be your best card.

    I bought it and havent looked back since.

    Hope that helped! :)
  4. Vaerilis

    Vaerilis TS Rookie Posts: 54

    Are you looking for a PCI-Express or an AGP card?

    The best AGP card you can get at that price would probably be the GF 6800GS (though it may still cost a little over 200$). In case you're looking for a PCI-E card, a 6800GS can be bough for ~180$.
    The ATI X800GTO and the X800XL are very good alternatives, but I don't remember any AGP variants.
  5. LipsOfVenom

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    oh yay i luv these threads!!! hehe um....i agree that the 6800 GS is good...PCI-E is only $200 from newegg...and if you're a ATI fan then...the Radeon X850 is only $220 right now!!!!! that's a steal...both are more than enough for battlefield 2 and call of duty 2, but don't expect to play on insanely-realistic-i-can-see-the-grain-of-rice shadow video settings...
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