What is the problem?

By bobo1704
Sep 19, 2007
  1. Hello,
    I have got an ASUS P5VDC-X motherboard with a Pentium 4 640 3.2 GHz and two DDR2 512 MB 533 MHz, 1 GB total. Few days ago the electricity went down and the computer turned off unexpectly.When I tried to turn it on, the monitor was always on power safe mode and the HDD led was always on. Always on was the power led,too.I took the mobo out and I saw,that one pin from the proccessor's base (LGA 775) was cut.So,yesterday I bought a new ASUS P5N-E. I connected everything and when I turned on the PC, the HDD led was always on but the monitor did not show anything. I bought a new graphics card,too. Three days ago, I went the dimms back to the shop where I had bought them and they told me that there was not any problem with them. The new motherboard is compatible with everything I have got, so there is not any possibility of compatibility problem.I think that the CPU is broken down.
    Can anyone give me any different opinion?
    Am I wrong?
    Thanx a lot!
  2. premnate

    premnate TS Rookie

    I think you solved your own problem the symptons you are experiencing, can all be explained by a bad CPU. Try swapping it and see if the machine boots.
  3. premnate

    premnate TS Rookie

    775 processors do not have pins on the cpu itsefs. You say it has one cut, some i'm guessing that its missing from the mobo cpu socket. In that case in can cause your CPU not to operate. I would buy a mobo from the nearest electronic place say Fry's swap the mobo if it boots great if it doesn't than return it, at least you'll narrow the possibilities.
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