What is your game of the year (2016)?


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With 2016 coming to a close, now is the perfect time to reflect on this year's collection of games. 2016 was mostly dominated by sequels and new additions to popular game series – such as Battlefield 1, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Civilization VI and Dishonored 2 – but there were also a number of well received originals like Firewatch, The Witness, and Overwatch.

Some of this year's highly anticipated games were disappointing as well, such as No Man's Sky and Mafia 3. A collection of other titles were plagued with launch issues: Dishonored 2 was completely unoptimized on PC, Watch Dogs 2 suffered from broken multiplayer functionality, and PES 2016 on PC looked like utter garbage.

Luckily there were still a number of great games to play this year, which brings me to the big question: what is your choice for game of the year?

My choice would be Battlefield 1, mostly because its multiplayer was surprisingly engaging and kept me hooked much longer than other recent multiplayer games. I also thoroughly enjoyed The Witcher 3's second expansion, Blood and Wine, while Civilization VI was extremely addictive and a break from what I normally play.

Let us know what your picks for GOTY are in the comments below, and I'd love to hear what you thought was the most disappointing game of 2016 as well.

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Brock Kane

Rise of the Tomb Raider by far! The game had amazing graphics, game play, cut scenes, character acting, story line, longevity and just plain fun!

I rarely play a game through twice. This one I did!

Uncle Al

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Well, I'm a late buyer so for me it's Fallout 4. Saw a lot of not so great reviews, but in playing it I'm having a lot of fun ..... and working in the nuclear industry .... well, I'm in heaven! LOL


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This is where I was supposed to say BF1, but it's garbage in its current state, so I'll just say Doom. *sniff*


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Rise of the tomb raider and Doom... My home built rig was proud to run those and did so very well once the kinks were patched out of them.


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GTA Vice City. It's been my game of the year since 2002 and I doubt it'll ever be topped. I haven't bought any games this year, nothing interested me apart from the latest Mafia title but that was such a stuff up on PC that it became a non option to waste my money on.


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Would have been Civ 6 but:

Life and reality met me and I no longer have time for games, nor is my computer capable of running them now.

Its ok though because life doesn't suck like I thought it did when I was a teen and everyone else was " like so dumb ".


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XCOM2 was the best single player game. Overwatch has been the best multi-player.

Honorable mentions to Stardew Valley and Doom.


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I liked Overwatch but in general I can't even keep track of what games come out these days. It's either 100th release of some franchise or a similar game to a franchised game. They just keep coming out I can't even follow.


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I only played three games this year: Doom, GTA 5 and Dying Light. I am going with Dying Light


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For me, World of Warcraft Legion has consumed the last 4 months. A terrific expansion. Overwatch and Dishonored 2 are up there as well.


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Only bought Deus Ex: Mankind Divided this year, but my fav was Tropico 4 which was free thanks to Humble Bundle. :) Steam Winter sale can't come soon enough for me to Buy Tropico 5 with all the DLC's.