What kind of cooling can I get in my PC?

By Silvo72
Feb 14, 2006
  1. Alright so, I've recently thought about overclocking my CPU and graphics, but I'm not trying to ruin my computer. I downloaded speedfan to get an idea about the temperatures inside my computer. First of all, Temp1 and Temp2 are coming off at 127 degrees C, but I'm pretty sure thats some kind of mistake because my computer is under virtually no load right now, is pretty cool to the touch, and I haven't overclocked my graphics card. So basically, I'm going to disregard that.

    Anyway, what it DOES say is that my graphics card is running at 50 degrees C idle, and since I plan on overclocking my card and PC, I'm trying to get that down. However, I've never bought any kind of extra cooling for my comp, and was wondering how it would work in my computer. Would I have to take out the stock fan? Could I keep the stock fan in and add in a second? Any information would help, thanks.

    btw, my mobo is a Biostar P4TSV
  2. kirock

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    Do you have a modified case or some stock IBM /DELL/ office PC case?
    By modified I'm the kind witht he extra case fans that blow freash air right onto the mobo and a couple of exhaust fans at the back to remove the hot air.

    If you don't have a modified case, then you would definately need to go water/liquid cooled. But a decent mod case and a good CPU after market fan/heatsink (like Zalman) will do it. Like you said you're not trying to kill your PC just OC it a little right?

    Examples of mid range cases: http://www.extreme-pc.ca/listmenu3items.asp?pagenum=1&menu2id=70&menu1id=12&menu3id=62

    Examples of CPU fans/heatsinks and watercooloing: http://www.extreme-pc.ca/listmenu3items.asp?pagenum=1&menu2id=74&menu1id=12&menu3id=94

    With good case air flow a slightly OCed video card should hold it's own without extra cooling. I run my 6600GT from stock of 500/1000 to 570/1125 with no extra cooling on it.
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