What Laptop part to upgrade?

When watching a livestream and a crazy amount of emojis are entered in the chat my laptop will go slow for a bit. Any idea on which part to upgrade to stop and reduce the stress on my laptop? (RAM,Cpu, or hard-drive)?


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We don't know the make/model of the laptop you have or even how long you have had it. Having said that, the parts that are easiest to change is hard drive with a SSD or add RAM? If the installed RAM is very low (4GB or less). I find 8GB of RAM and a SSD helps speed up a slow laptop. If you can't do the work yourself and you have to pay someone, get a quote then consider using that money towards a new laptop instead and sell your old one for additional $$. Be careful with new low end laptops, they tend to use really slow 2 core CPUs and then you are right back where you started.