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What moto should I put with G4560?

By BeenJammin ยท 4 replies
Oct 25, 2017
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  1. I currently have a pc that had an A10 7860k Apu and a GTX 1050ti G1. The gpu is bottlenecking and I am trying to give my sister a computer and I was going to try to buy parts for my computer to get her a free moto and cpu. I have seen some good reviews on the G4560(I'm on a tight budget)and have seen that it works well with the 1050, I need to know what motherboard I should get, I have 2 ddr3 (I don't want to buy more because of the horrible ram prices) and im teying to keep a colored build theme. (It can be about any color except red ... the theme is blue and white)Thanks for the help.
  2. MaikuTech

    MaikuTech TS Booster Posts: 229   +31

    First of all if you plan to escape amds apu failures, go ahead and sell off the mobo and cpu on ebay.
    Use whatever sale money you get from it and apply it to the cpu costs first.
    I suggest you do better and start off with a core i3 cpu:

    You need to read this before you say anything else about ram being to expensive its for your own good.
    If you buy that slightly used the most you will pay for both items is under 175.00 that includes taxes and shipping amazon hits you with.
  3. brutaldoomfan92

    brutaldoomfan92 TS Rookie

    I'd say wait a bit for the 8100, and the b or lower series mbos to arrive , if you do not have time, go for an h110 chipset for instance gigabyte
  4. Man, no Ryzen 1200 recommendations? Harsh, especially considering a true quad core over anything i3 (exception being new Coffee Lake) is unlocked, and the platform is currently less expensive (B350 boards can be gotten easily for ~$65). If RAM isn't in the budget, buying a used is a great option, and just about anything will outperform that APU, maybe something like an i5 6500 if one can be found for a deal.
  5. brutaldoomfan92

    brutaldoomfan92 TS Rookie

    Well, very good point there, I won't argue, that is not a bad option at all either.

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