What shockwave flash player ?


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Running firefox 31.0 browser on Win 7 pro SP2, I get a warning to update the Shockwave Flash player plugin.

Running the check within firefox, it tells me I am currently running version plugin and should upgrade to However, any attempt to upgrade (update button on the very page) only offers Flash player ? Or taking another route, Adobe Shockwave player is offered?

Adobe of course is well-known for very clearly not knowing what they are doing, but does anyone ?


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I think back when Macromedia owned it it was Shockwave Flash. Then Adobe bought and Shockwave and Flash became 2 different things (although my history may be fuzzy, Macromedia may have split them before Adobe).

Here is somewhat of an explanation: My takeaway is Shockwave handles stuff made in Adobe Director and Flash handles stuff made by Flash...

You probably don't need Shockwave at all, so I would remove it. If it turns out you do need it for something, get it from here.


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Thanks gents.

I went the route of updating Flash player - now This also automatically added the same version number plugin to Firefox. What happened to plugin I neither know nor care. I think Adobe are twerps, it's a shame we have to use them at all......