What soundcard recommended for Windows XP?

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Mar 21, 2002
  1. What soundcard works fine under Windows XP?

    I wanna get rid of my SB 128 PCI and get a new soundcard without crackling trouble under Win XP :mad: , what about the terratec DMXFIRE 1024? anyone here with this souncard?

  2. SuperCheetah

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    I personally have an Audigy and it works great with XP Pro, but I have heard of others experiencing crackling with their setup. Maybe I just got a good card :)

    Here is a review on your product:

    There is more in the link about it's features and whatnot. Hope this helps.

    Oh yeah, welcome to 3DS!!!
  3. Znap

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    Thanks for the info SuperCheetah, i have read other reviews and the Terratec seems to be a good choice. I'll try it.

    Thanks again :) :)
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