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Jul 2, 2007
  1. I was just wondering what temp is to hot or not good for your PC.Mine is running like 52 degrees celceus.I have a probe on the mother board under the heat sink next too the process.Could a hot PC cause the BSOD?I have 2 fans one on back of case 1 in front pulling air in.right now the side cover is off.
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    Yes, heat can cause a BSOD, because the true temperature is to hard to detect and measure... gauges are so imperfect, and the core temperature is projected to be 7 degrees higher.
    I thin 62c is the maximum... Others I know on this forum that I am full of it.
    By itself, you cannot make big decisions... you need the cooling fan(s), heat sink, and thermal paste...
    The ability to quickly cool down a few degrees is as critical as the ability to control temperatures.
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    Ok here is what happen.I was looking at all the dust on the heatsink and did not have any compressed air so I thought no big deal I will just take off the heatsink clean out the dust with a brush and put it back on.Only problem was when I was taking off the heatsink the CPU came with it.So I seperated them with out damaging the CPU.I put the CPU back on mother board and I did not have any grease and I thought it would be ok so I put it all back together.Boot up pc and before I could login in it just shut down.So I boot into Cmos and watched the temp on the board it got close to max and shut off.I went and bought some grease and found the heatsink was not on level.Installed the grease put all back together and now it has been like a month the CPU is running around 42 to 55 degrees.Do you think I hurt the CPU?
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    I just download everest it says the CPU is 55 c 131 F motherboard is 50 c 122 f and HDD is 32 c 90 F
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    You probably didn't hut it, but "...found the heatsink was not on level..." makes it important for you to double check.
    Gently, slowly, remove the heat sink, and cpu, and be certain no pins are bent or missing.
    If the pins all fit in place with not bent flat or curled, and your cpu and heat sink are level, you can assume your system is OK. Reassemble everything and stop worrying.
    If you do have bent pins, you need to work on straightening them, and that is difficult as they are very fragile and easily broken off. It is best to find a tech who has experience and a pin-straightening tool.
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    Sorry I did not see that forum if I could delete this thread I would
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