What the creators of Doom and Myst thought of each other's games in 1993


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It's been more than 20 years since Doom and Myst changed the landscape of video games forever. One exponentially advanced the language and possibilities of the first-person shooter genre and the other pulled players into a fictional world like never...

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"Respect john romero you kids He created the best Game of all freaking time"

Absolutely correct.... Look what eventually happened to Id after he left.... Remake kings nothing more, now id is gone.....


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Ha! John Romero was great back in the Doom Doom II, and even Quake 1 days but everything he's done since has been mostly bad. He wasn't even the biggest talent on the projects I just mentioned which is why I've always worshiped Carmack and saw Romero as riding Carmack's coattails. Don't get me wrong, he seemed to have passion but poor execution and had a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. I bet he'd be great to party with though!
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Sure. Thomas Edison just invented the lightbulb but what did he ever do that REALLY changed our lives. Sadly, most of the children on this forum are too young to comprehend what geniuses these two were in the realm of 3D graphics.


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Yawn...old guys doing the oldie circuit. I was there then and I am older them them both by far. Next up TV infomercials recalling the glory days of PC gaming with your hosts.......Great games don't lose greatness just like songs and I do give them credit for getting work just like movie stars gone to TV to commercials...gotta keep your name out there