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What you guys think?

By Ervino ยท 7 replies
Feb 15, 2018
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  1. Hey guys!

    I was thinking if I should upgrade anything, I play games at 1080P, nothing above. I aim for 60+ FPS. Any ideas would be great! Thanks!!

    GPU - 980 TI Zotac Amp! EXTREME
    CPU - i7 7700k
    RAM - 8GB DDR4 HyperX
    PSU - Cx550
    MOBO - H100M-R
    HDD - 1TB Western Digital Blue
  2. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 11,208   +4,873

    Looks good to me. Some might not like the CX550 you have listed. I myself have the CX600 and do not have issues. You might think about adding an SSD to your list of parts for at least the operating system. Your games can still be installed to the WD Blue.
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  3. Are the spec listed, is that what you have now and looking to upgrade. If so, I would upgrade your RAM from 8gb to 16gb and add a ssd like cc stated. The PSU is questionable IMO....that series is just the entry level and a bit under wattage for my tastes.The recommended minimum wattage for the GPU is 600 watts. See here. I'd opt for a new PSU. If you like Corsair brand then something in the RMx or RMi series.
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  4. Ervino

    Ervino TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I already own the system, just thinking of what to upgrade
  5. delrey

    delrey TS Booster Posts: 170   +49

    1. Memory (16GB, you have the CPU and GPU power, now you need the extra memory to back it up. However, current pricing makes it a pricey upgrade right now.)
    2. SSD (I think the benefits are obvious here. I've been noticing some price drops on SSD's recently.)
    3. PSU (550 watts does seem low but if you are not experiencing problems, it can wait.)

    If you do all 3 of those, you'll have a healthy PC that should last you a while.

    4. MB (Some enthusiasts would say the 7700k is a waste on a H110. But if the board suites your needs, then leave it.)

    Good luck and have fun!
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  6. Ervino

    Ervino TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you, will grab some more RAM and an SSD!
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  7. Richard Trump

    Richard Trump TS Rookie

    I think that the specs you have mentioned are good enough for gaming. but to have a better experience, I would recommend, go for CX600 and 16 GB RAM. Rest is fine.
  8. elites2012

    elites2012 TS Enthusiast Posts: 65   +7

    Power supply and ram. everything else still has life in it.

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