What's a good case for modding?

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Jul 13, 2008
  1. I'm looking for a good case to start modding on, I'm not planning on going outrageous with the mods but I wanted to add about 8-9 fans and do some designs on the sidepanel. Some of my friends who do case modding recommend this case but the top vent I don't like very much, although it's not a very big con.

    Also, for the side panel, do I have to sand down the inside to start cutting into it or can it be cut without damaging? I can't really tell from pictures and I've never seen this case for myself.


    Does anyone know where to get the sound foam for inside a case that isn't very expensive? Since these fans will cause a lot of a noise I want to dampen it with the foam.
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    Pretty widespread if you ask me. If you want all that flashy LED stuff you're obviously going to want something with the clear side-panel setup. Anything with good airflow will be fine if you are planning to build a powerful system. If you're looking for purely cosmetic stuff, Xoxide builds custom all-clear cases as well as some more practical units. I'm not sure what they make em out of (probably a plexy-like material) but I wouldn't build anything that's not aluminum/steel. - personal preference I guess.
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    Grab a Cooler Master Stacker. Those things are huge and have space for at least 8-9 fans. I dunno how far you'd get with modding 'em though, and they are expensive...
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    I was looking at those the other day but like you said they are pretty expensive. :(

    I'm going to keep looking, I'm trying to find a big enough case that isn't fancy ( have pre-cut stuff or moldings ) but also cheap so if I mess up in the modding process I won't have to spend $100 to buy another.

    I was planning on doing one of two things I was thinking of for a side panel, either a cutout of the Razer logo ( I think it looks cool ) and add plexi with blue+red LEDs around the trim of the plexi, or just cutting a normal square into the side panel and build a "bubble machine" that makes bubbles with water when I turn on the computer ( It looks really awesome, I've seen it before. :) )

    I'm mostly going to full mod the computer myself, that's why I don't want a case that has all these fancy cutouts and moldings already, just a simple and cheap case that will allow freedom for me to do whatever I want to the case. ;)
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    lol, I really can't picture the whole bubble thing but hey a custom is a custom I suppose. Anyways, here are some of the Xoxide cases I was talking about earlier; they are made from an acrylic material. Some of them look like they are pretty simplistic in design so you could probably do all kinds of custom stuff. Worth taking a look at anyways...

  7. TimeParadoX

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    Wow those are pretty cool, thanks for the link I'll look through them. :)
  8. kachi

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    get one that looks cool with LEDs and a LCD display like mine :)
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