What's going on with antec 1650b cases?

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Aug 14, 2006
  1. I was able to buy those things for around 55bucks several months ago(good deals at the time). The not so good deals though were better than what there is now. What is going on with this case?
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    Specs wise the PSU is the same but I have heard that it is more reliable than the older Smartpower 350s which were notorious for the inner fan failing after 6-8mos. Also $75 is about the avreage price for these things at computer shops so maby newegg just doesn't want to offer discounts at the moment on this product.
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    My 1650's psu is a lot different that the current specs.
    My PSU:

    5V 12V 3.3V
    35A 21A 28A

    Currently it seems they have:
    5V 12V1 12V2 3.3V
    21A 10A 15A 22A

    No dual 12V on mine, but I'd take my specs over the new one...
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    How old is your's? I got mine a year ago and It has two 12V rails. I don't realy like the dual rail 350W antec that much, but since it was going to be used in a server and I was looking for reliability I was going to replace it with a PC Power&Cooling PSU anyway . the dual rail 350W antec sits in a cabnet as a spare If I need it.
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