What's the best way to make my pc quiet?

By Daveskater ยท 54 replies
Aug 30, 2006
  1. BnX

    BnX TS Rookie Posts: 37

    Get rid of your fans, If they are 80mm throw them out, Get 120mm around 1300RPM fan, then your set. 120mm fans give out just as much cooling as an 80mm fan just at a slower spinning rate meaning isnt as loud
  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    I don't think he has much space for them.. look at the pics inside his case a page back..

    Unless dave feels like drilling :D

    EDIT: Oh yeh.. you can get pretty decent 80mm fans that are quiet as well..
  3. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Topic Starter Posts: 1,687

    to be honest i don't really feel like drilling haha, i only have room for an 80mm, which spins at about 1400/1500rpm which is fine by me, i noticed absolutely no sound difference after putting it in.
  4. YellowC4S

    YellowC4S TS Rookie Posts: 107

    big fans running at a slower speed are quieter than small fans running at a faster speed.
  5. Daveskater

    Daveskater Banned Topic Starter Posts: 1,687

    i know, but unfortunately my very old case makes me have an 80mm in the front and a 45mm in the back. it has a pretty weird design (apparently :D)
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