What's the first thing you remember buying online?


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If I remember correctly, it was a CD of a small folk-rock band from my city. Though I think I'd been ordering some stuff for my father before I started buying things online for myself.


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Think I bought a dell Desktop computer in 2003 Which I still have but I seldom power on shortly after moving into this condo. It was expensive. Seems dsl just came into existance after we move in also. Now we have uverse ds..


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I remember ordering the first version of Visual Age for Java, which came out in 1997. Same order also included Poser 2 (came out in 1996) and Ray Dream Studio 5 (I think). So in 1997 I definitely ordered something online.

I also remember ordering Imagine (the 3D modeller) DOS version. I'm not sure when exactly I did that, but it was likely earlier than 1997 (no point in ordering Imagine when I already got Ray Dream Studio). It was probably around the time I moved from the Amiga to the PC, which was at the end of 1994. On the other hand, it's possible that I didn't order it online (that is, I sent payment details by post), I really can't remember.
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