which Anti-Virus is better?

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Nov 5, 2004
  1. acidosmosis

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    As far as anything other than Adaware, Spybot and Hijackthis -- the rest is pretty useless. That is why those of us who are experienced use them and don't normally use other programs for those purposes. The majority of other programs are laced with spyware and adware themselves, or ironically the companies that made the software are the ones creating the problems which they claim their software get's rid of. Not all, but most.

    Any prevention or removal software is useless if you invite these problems. By not learning what not to do, you do so. There will always be a new virus, there will always be annoying problems that come with using the Internet. If you want to protect yourself the best that you can, then learn.

  2. gospelmidi

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    Are you scanning for viruses continuosly?

    The background scanner checks every file you access on your HD, every time you access it. There are thousands, maybe millions of such accesses over the course of an eight hour day. (Although, who works eight hour days any more?) It is more efficient to keep the background scanner OFF. Just do a system scan once a day, while you're writing a letter or at lunch.

    Also, keep the pagefile idle by using

    Start -> Run -> msconfig

    Do a selective start and uncheck user programs that you know don't apply to you. This can free up as much as 100MB of virtual memory, which is no less effective than paying real money for real memory out of your own real pocket. Your applications, such as MS Office, RealPlayer, Pestscan, Spystopper, SpyBlocs, and Java, will run when called, even if you disable them with msconfig. There are "universal" messaging programs that accept messages from AIM, MSM, YM, and others. Using such a program allows you to disable the individual messaging programs with msconfig.
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    Have anyone tried NOD32? Any opinions?
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