Which brand GeForce4 Ti4600 is best?

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Mar 16, 2002
  1. Which is the best GeForce4.Ti4600

    I'm gettin me a GeForce4.Ti4600 in 2 and a bit weeks! And i wanted to know if anyone has heard a bit which company make the best one?, the only ones ive seen are:

    I think the Asus one looks best, as it has some gold stuff on the circuits to make (supposedly) it run faster, and has a new copper heatsink and fan on top to make overclocking easier!

    Any ideas on which one to get??

  2. Arris

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    With the Geforce3 cards VisionTek, Gainward and Asus all had good implementations of the chipset. I know that both myself and a few of the other regulars have the Asus v8200 Geforce3 and would recommend Asus cards.

    Check out 3DS Julio's review of the VisionTek GF2 and GF2 Ti lineup for an idea of what their cards are like.

    Tomshardware have a comparison of the VisionTek, Asus and Creative GF4 4600Ti cards. The performance in DirectX, 3dmark2001 and Quake3 benchmarks is pretty neck and neck, with each card winning on some by the smallest of margins. The article concludes that "Anyone planning on buying a GeForce4 Ti card should therefore check out the individual cards' bundles beforehand", referring to the software that they come with.

    The SmartDoctor2 tool that comes with the Asus card lets you monitor you memory and GPU temperatures which I found really helpful (I got SmartDoctor with my card) when I had problems with the AGP port on my old motherboard and thought it was temperature related. I managed to deduce that it wasn't heat related as my card was at nominal temperatures. It was also helpful when I was overclocking my A7M266's front side bus, I could see how the slight AGP overclock and increased Athlon temps were affecting the GF3 temps. Nice and handy little application ;)
  3. svtcobra

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    If I buy a GF4 it is going to be the ASUS because of the monitoring software. That is a great feature.


    I also like the copper heatsinks. Great for OC'ing.

    I got a Leadtek GF3 last year and it has been very good. I really think that any of them will be fine. I would be a bit concerned with a card that I dont recognize the name of. Most of them out there are mainstream though..
  4. eddy05

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    How about _LEADTEK Winfast A250 Ultra (GeForce4 Ti-4600) 128MB DDR SDRAM_? Is that good?
  5. Arris

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    Found that Leadtek have a comparison review link to GamersDepot : Gamerdepot.com Leadtek GF4 review
    Looks like this might just be the fastest of the bunch but again its a tiny little lead over the others.
    One thing to remember is that they only compare this to the VisionTek GF4Ti4600 so it might not be as much of a reigning GF4 king as they make it out to be. Does look like it is the best one though. Out of all the benchmarks I have seen this card seems to be the best one performance wise. ;)
  6. Didou

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  7. svtcobra

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    Well, I bought a Leadtek GF3 because of the "ultra" fast 3.8ns memory they were using. It ended up being no faster than any of the other GF3's out there. I was never to hot on the type of memory heatsinks they use and I can attribute them to the lack of overclocking ability that the card has.

    I would buy Leadtek again but Im leaning towards the Asustek because of the monitoring software and the better heatsinks for the memory.
  8. ss1

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    On a simliar note, I plan to buy an Geforce 4 ti4400 next week and would like to know the best vendor for such a card.


  9. svtcobra

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    wow, the Voodoo 5 finally goes to rest..I think there is only one or two V5 users left on here..

    To answer your question SS1, I would aim towards Asus, Abit and Gainward. I noticed that the Leadtek price is way up there ($465USD) so that may keep me from recommending it. The Abit is $415USD and is a nice setup. It comes packaged with a DVI-VGA connector so you can take that DVI port and convert to a VGA and run a twinview setup.

    Nowadays, its all about the package that comes with the card. All the cards are basically the same. Its just who gives you the best goodies.
  10. ss1

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    Well I brought a Gainward Ti4400 version. I just hope that I don't have reinstall Win2K :(.

  11. Cucumber

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  12. Xerak

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    The leadtek Geforce 4 ti 4600 has great cooling, 2 fans with dust filter and a heatsink the covers both sides of the video card.
    sweet =)
  13. ss1

    ss1 TS Rookie Posts: 94

    Although I hear that the Leadtek one is noisey but not as bad as the Creative one though.

  14. keno

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  15. Cucumber

    Cucumber TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 154

    Well im off to America in 2 days, and looking around the shops on the internet, it looks like i wont have much of a choice when it comes to choosing which one, as most places have not got many/ or any.

    Ill try and get hold of the Gainward one though, if that fails then i like the look of the PNY(cheaper), or the ASUS. The leadtek one looks a bit overkill, and apparently you cant overclock it as much as the Gainward anyway:D
    And as you can see here, there is nothing between them, speed wise:
    Performance graph


    Gainward Ti.4600
    The OVERKILL Leadtek Ti.4600
    PNY Ti.4600, cheapest of all of them!
    Visiontek Ti.4600

    P.S. Thanks for the idea Uncleel
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