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Jun 23, 2005
  1. Hey guys I'm a new member and would love some help and input. I have the GeForce FX 5200 PCI 128mb video card already installed into my computer. I bought the Radeon 9250 256mb PCI video card today. I haven't opened it yet. I work at...Best Buy. I play HL2 and other games pretty well with my 5200. The techs at my store told me that I should get the 9250 because it is a little bit better and will play Battlefield 2 better. The requirments for battlefield 2 says GeForce Fx5700 or greater. I already installed Battlefield 2 and played it and it looks good so far, landscapes arent too details but yet still fun. Should I install the 9250 or keep my 5200 installed and return the 9250. I would love some help guys. Like i said the 5200 is a 128mb and the 9250 is a 256mb.

    Thanks in advance. :knock:
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    Hello and welcome to techspot. I would go with the 9250 256mb. One of my freinds has It and runs like a breeze. But If you whant to get a liitle more information check around the forum. But I would go with the 9250.

    Best regardes,

    Sebastian :bounce:
  3. Quesi00

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    This may be too late but... The 9250 will not run BF2. I bought BF2 not realizing this :mad:
  4. wirm

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    I had been under the impression that the 9250 was slightly better than the 5200. On the same note, I'd heard that the fx 5500 was slightly better than the Radeon 9250.

    Are you talking about a compatability issue, or is it just too slow?

  5. jt713

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    I just think it is too early to upgrade it. Not worth the money. Live with the 5200, and spend the money on a better card 6 months from now. If there are speicific graphic features that the new card has for the game it might be worth $50 to upgrade if you really love the game, but that is pushing it. Besides you don't sound like you care that much for a slight performance gain, and a slight performance gain is usually pissing money away. It's just for one game.

    Just start turning unnescessy graphics off on your computer especially the crap that makes Windows XP fancy. And turning off software running in the background might give a performance boost.

    Just my opinion really. I am all about money versus performance for the speicific software I am using now................. not later. This hardware stuff drops is price relatively quick. Your Best Buy discount might not be as good as shopping online at Newegg or Tigerdirect.
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