Which case would you put the 32 thread monster in?

Hi there, I noted with great interest the article on building a Monster 32 Thread PC using the Xeon E5-2670 Cpu's and the Asrock EP2 Server motherboard. Can anyone recommend a good value case to put that lot into please.

I have only ever built normal PC's!!! The reason for the interest is that I do quite a lot of work with Cubase music software and I have a few high track count projects coming up and most of it will be produced using VST Plug-ins.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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@daftfader Just wanted to check, the Motherboard you're using is an SSI EEB form factor? (12 inch x 13 inch)
If so, you'll need to make sure the case can support such a large motherboard.
ASRock EP2C602-2T/D16
MB Physical Status
Form Factor - SSI EEB
Dimensions - 12'' x 13'' (30.5 cm x 33 cm)

Edit 2:
Found the below server case can come up quite cheap and 100% fits your MB in nicely:-
Chenbro SR105 Tower Server Case
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I havn't used Lian-Li case so far but really like em and hope to use one in future. Very good option.
I have one. With room for 11-expansion cards, you could easily put several GPUs in this case (I note that board has 5, x16 pci-e slots), plenty of drives, plenty of fans, it offers water cooling options, and excellent cable routing. It also has real feet - attached by screws to the bottom. Mounting a power supply, expansion cards, and drives is virtually tool-less. IMO, it is a very well-thought-out case - perhaps the best case I have every owned. IMO, the one thing that might make it better is if it were steel instead of aluminum. If it were steel, that would also make it heavier, though.