Which cpu should i buy?

By Confused · 32 replies
Jul 5, 2005
  1. Im considering on building my first pc. and the only thing im nt to sure about is the what processor i should buy. nay thoughts or tips. any advice will b egrateful as well.
  2. vegasgmc

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    What do you plan on using the computer for?
  3. Confused

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    Im going to use it for gaming so im going to need a bit of a power house
  4. vegasgmc

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    Whats your price range? Id go with AMD. At least an Athlon 64 3200+.
  5. Secondgunman

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    Yes yes

    Yes yes go AMD the 3200 - 3800 are realy good for the money you spend. I would look into getting the Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard and that is the best for board for the price you pay; it will allso give PCI-e video card with the option to go SLI in the future for Video cards go with the best card you can buy at the time as this way (being and SLI mobo) you can get another card of the same make and model at a later date when they drop in cost. you dont need a sound card on this system as there in on board sound but I would get a real good sondblaster if you have the money to. Do not scrimp on rame get atleast 1 GB of good RAM I normaly build with Kingston or Cross Hair.

    Another thing about building a gaming system is heat Hard drives produce alot of heat I use 7200 RPM drives with large cashe sizes 8 MB or 16 MB they are allso faster then 10000 - 15000 RPM drives with 2MB cashe and you will see a diffrence in that Case temp speeking of Cases get a case that will keep your system cool, if the case is too big for the hardware it will overheat if the system is too small it will over heat. I like the Thermaltake Tsunami cases or almost any case in their size class (becarful some of their knock-offs look good but fall apart after about two months) this is a larger case and very wide but for someone building their first computer or looking at gaming it give you loads of room to work with and you can get at alot of pards fast with the space in this system that alot of gamers like.

    I have bult about 11 systems between the silver and the black and I love the space and the way the case is built. there is another case like this case that hase no side window or Door LEDs that is a gem of a case to work on aswell.

    the Motherboard and Case I listed will keep you happy for years to come and the AMD 939 Chips will be around for along time to come (as far as computers go). If you need a good PSU I have a list of good PSUs but the way PSUs are made almost any name brand will seve you well just get one that is 25- 50% more pwoer then what you need that wiil give you good overhead, do not let the sales rep tell you that 20% is fine... as 20% is fine if you just plan to put a few more harddrives in or account for the added power needed with up-coming video cards but with my reconmendations the PSU will keep you powered for for a few motherboards to come and in the meantime ensure you are getting solid quality power. the PSU is one thing above all els you should buy above code if you have the money to get even a 660 watt Antec even though a 480 watt is what you should, the added rating will not hurt your system and who know in the furuter you may love building computer you start building them for friends and then the added power is good to have for adding hard drive and removing hard drives or other parts from your system to see if their part works or not.
  6. 1000cc

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    San Diego 3700+ $330.00 Venice 3800+ $375.00 if your tight on money 3200+ dont bother with 3500+ to close in price to the SD 3700+ .
  7. elbubsio

    elbubsio TS Rookie

    Hate to disagree, but noticing confused's location is England I'd say you'd be better off with a 3500 venice. There's a £50 ($90) price difference between that and a 3700 SD over here. The 3500 should be plenty powerful enough to run all current games and with the SLI setup 1000cc recommends you can easily upgrade at a later date for UT2007 etc :bounce: Definitely go the AMD route though if you want the rig for gaming - they are the best :grinthumb

    I'd recommend www.novatech.co.uk It's £185 for a boxed one with a fan there, although the fans that come with the processors are usually not great - you may wish to spend an extra £20 or so on a better one.

    Whatever you don't don't skimp on your memory or power supply. Cheap ones of either can cause huge headaches :knock: at a later date.
  8. 1000cc

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    a venice or any 3500+ core is selling for $275.00 in the U.S for $65.00 extra you can get a san diego 3700+ . when building nice game rigs $65.00 is chump money. i do agree with you a 3500+ is still very nice.
  9. Confused

    Confused TS Rookie Topic Starter


    this is a dilemma You guys say i should get a amd but another group of people say i should get p4 i have a budget of upto 1,500 pounds
  10. 1000cc

    1000cc TS Rookie Posts: 70

    MY dear friend 1.500 english pounds is a lot of money . AMD is the only way to fly for games. for office work it would not matter much if it was Intel or AMD. YOU can bet my next game box well be a AMD . if you bother to search for CPU test you well see AMD blows away Intel in game benchmark . i have intel now but by no means im a brand loyalist .
  11. 1000cc

    1000cc TS Rookie Posts: 70

    1.500 English pounds = $3.000. U.S dollars . Nothing less than top brand mobo SLI. NO less than a 3800+ venice. maybe a 4000+ . BFG 6800gt or 7800 . you need a Good brand 550 watts PSU. GET a nice case with at least 2 x 120 fans but dont over waste money on a super fancy case. you dont need a huge HD for games. concentrate on CPU . mother board .memories "you dont need super fancy memories if the cpu chip is bad *** enough. decent PC3200 WELL DO. fans 2 x Panaflow medium speed 120mm . mobo MSI, Asus, Abit, = PSU theres a bunch of good ones around $120.00 u.s or 60 pounds. dont buy a monitor if you allready have one. pour the main money on CPU,MOBO, PSU, VIDEO CARD, decent but not over price fancy memories . a decent 60 to 80 pounds Case. Monitor wise "none LCD flat tube 19 or 20 inch " forget those over price LCD . most overprice LCD monitor have less quality in picture definition that CRT.
  12. Merc14

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    I agree with everything 1000cc just wrote. As far as the video cards, I'd go with a single 7800GTX. With your budget you can afford it. Why? Anandtech just ran a bunch of tests on BF2 and, long story short, my 2x6800GT's in SLI, O/Ced to 400/1.1 (Ultra speeds) just beat out or match a single 7800GTX performance-wise. A single 7800GTX costs about the same as two 6800GT's. Get the single 7800GTX now and when you want more bang for the buck, buy a second, when the price has dropped slightly, and go SLI.
  13. Confused

    Confused TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so thats the cpu im not to sure about the power suply how do u work out what u need
  14. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    Decent PSU's. Don't skimp on the PSU when building a high end system. I would guess that 80% of the build problems I hear about are directly related to piss-poor PSU's. Guys won't blink twice at spending $800 on a CPU but will scream like a mashed cat at spending $150 on a PSU to run the whole damn PC. Spend the bucks and save elsewhere is my advice. You won't be sorry.

    Also, get dual 12volt rails and at least 35 amps on the 12 volt side.

    Power supplies tested with a single GeForce 6800/GT/Ultra or up to 6600GT SLI

    - Zalman ZM400B-APS, 400-watts
    - Antec TruePower 430, 430-watts
    - Tagan TG480-U01, 480-watts
    - Enermax Coolergiant EG435AX, 430-watts
    - Antec NeoPower 480, 480-watts
    - PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 SLI, 510-watts

    Power supplies tested with GeForce 6800GT and 6800 Ultra in SLI

    - Tagan TG480-U01
    - Antec NeoPower 480
    - Fortron Source FSP550-60PLN*
    - Antec TruePower 550 EPS12V*
    - PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 SLI**
    - PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 850**
  15. Secondgunman

    Secondgunman TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Go AMD

    Go AMD, I am a third generation Computer geek my Grandfather was cracking Nazi Code for the Canadian Armed forces before he even met my Grandmother, then the First AMD PCs hit the market he moved for Intel to AMD because he knew this was were it was at. when my Father started in to the Computer world he rebelled agianced my Grandfather and swore that Intel was the place to be. When I got my First computer it was AMD because I didnot have the money for the intel model of the system I wanted and that AMD preformed the Intel model back in the K4 days. I built a P4 and have a Compaq with a P4 about a year ago and in Febuary I built an AMD the Specs are in my profile on the AMD and the Compaq; this new AMD will out preform almost every Pentium out there and that is with the 3500 CPU.

    AMD is the better way to go and I would not even consider an Intel untill the have on CPU memory controlers. Intel is falling behind more and more they are loosing more support from the industry as a whole everyday their stoke is falling and they are getting more relient on the sales contracts of their mass sales contracts ie; DELL. Intel chips do run cooler and use less power but if they heat up more then they should they DIE faster and cannot handle voltage spikes as well as an AMD.

    People that don't know what they are realy using will buy a CPU because of Cashe and Hrz of the chip this is not realy what you should buy a chip based on as Intel has on average 2x the Cashe and about 1000 Mhz faster clock speeds but the way the are instruced to think is between 1.2 & 3.2x slower as Intel think like as if you were to walk around the world to cross the street; AMD just cross the streets. since I built my new AMD system and my Dad has been playing around with it now and then even He is thinking of going back to AMD as Microsoft has given AMD the Aword that they used to just hand to Intel every year because Intel, IBM, and Microsoft had a partnership (that is now the way of the 5.25'' floppy).

    Intel can even stick to one type of chip engineering and no programer whats to have to build a program to run on x86, xx6, x8x and what ever els Intel desides to come up with AMD is sticking with x86 because it works well and the industry of computer even though it advances fast realy hates change that is why there are still 3.5 floppys on alot of system, RJ-45 A & B conectors are still used for networking monitors only realy have 2 kinds of conetors 4 if you count USB & Firewire. with the speed of advancement if it does not have to change they don't change it.

    we have not reached the braking point on x86 programers love it, it is stable and to retrain an entire industry that large is hard to do and a stupid thought to begin with. stay with what the Operating system you are using supports best Microsoft is suporting AMD Linux and Unix are suporting AMD now that is who I would use.

    Besides AMD is going to brake the quadcore soon and are working on a new CPU that will be about 1000x faster then anything out there soon( as near as we can tell the tools that test this kind of stuff only can test upto 2.4 Thz
    that is fast and from word on the street Intel is no-where nere the level that AMD will be in 3 years.

    I am not slaming Intel I am just saying that you are best to use AMD as they are the best chips for Gaming and the AMD 939 and 940 pins are out perfoming Intel more and more the AMD 939 and 940 chips are enve doing coding that was only done by Mac systems. All CAD used in the new Star Wars, Sharkboy and a few other movies was done with AMD and nVidia 6800s in SLI. if Intel were the best CPUs I know the people building these media systems would have used Intel or they would have lost their jobs.
  16. amdGuy

    amdGuy TS Rookie

    go AMD Athlon 64. my system will run HL2, Far Cry,etc with all graphic settings on high perfectly. and it wasn't too expensive! :)
  17. yankee

    yankee TS Rookie

    For sure go AMD. You need horsepower,video, and plain old power. So, spend your money on the foundation, motherboard, chip, RAM, video and power supply. You can add or upgrade drives later. If you build a house, make the place it stands strong and you can add to it.

    Read reviews of the chips. Athlon's are the best.
  18. JimShady23

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    $3000us + 1500 pounds

    Well my friend you have a lot of options.

    Im going to list the highest of highest componants that you can buy for 1500 pounds.....

    CPU - Not that the FX series isnt cool and all but in the truth of the matter they dont out perform the 4000+ by that much in most applications so I really dont see the need to spend $400-800 more for one.

    AMD Athlon 64 4000+, 2.4 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache Socket 939

    Motherboard - MSI "K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI" NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Chipset Motherboard http://www.newegg.com/OldVersion/ap...tion=13-130-487&catalog=23&manufactory=BROWSE

    Memory - Corsair Dual Channel XMS 184-Pin 2GB(2x1GB) DDR PC-3200

    Video - MSI nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX Video Card, 256MB GDDR3, 256-Bit, S-Video/ Dual DVI,PCI-E

    PSU- SILVERSTONE Zeus 650W Power AWSOME AWESOME PSU this PSU is no doubt the best for the money So reviews and see. Just baught one and OMG it rocks......

    Hard Drives- 2 of these bad boys in Raid 0 - Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA Hard Drive
    and one of these for your large media and backup files if you need it... Western Digital 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, MODEL WD3200JD

    Sound - If you desire go with a PCI based sound card....Onboard sound is great and handy but it does draw away from CPU performance in games some say - but I have not ever noticed so I leave this as optional equipment.
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS GAMER Limited Edition PCI Sound Card

    Case - Last but not least and of course your opion and own personal style will prevail over my taiste overall and you will probably not pic this case but I am just showing you as an example as what you should be going with in terms of cooling and case functuality.
    Lian-Li Black Aluminum Case with Side Panel Window & 1 Ball-Bearing Fan on the Top, Model PC-65B
    Just to show you what this baby looks like jammed pack with componants and how it still looks presentable instead of wire mayhem here is a link to Lian-Li PC-65B.

    Your not going to find a case with better wire managment and storage space in a mid-tower without going 2 a full -- Does it look like I have 5 hard drives in there ?

    For all of that I have listed it runs about $2500us 1440 pounds
    Of course you will have to find a Euro shop with newegg.coms awesome prices..

    With that you will exceed most of the gaming world......
  19. 1000cc

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    Jim you got it allmost 100 % right . however i dont like cases with 80mm fans . the case Brand is excellent . 80mm just dont move enough air the U.K does get warm in the summer. not as warm like Florida but. never built a top game machine with a case using 80mm fans by the time you get them to move air around 4.000 RPM ...."THEY ARE LOUD!!!!" http://www.newegg.com/OldVersion/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=11-133-146&depa=1
  20. 1000cc

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  21. Confused

    Confused TS Rookie Topic Starter


    wow that quite a list il have to look in to that i should have a decent pc soon than
  22. JimShady23

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    That last case that you posted is pretty nice. And would get the job done for cooling and does have some nice features. I only reccomended the Lian-Li because it is what I have and I know how it performs...Yes it has 80mm but also has 4 and for some reason the only thing that I hear is my PSU. It does get hot here too and Im in wisconsin. We are currantly going through a week of 90+ degree days and I dont have AC. Case runs full time and never gets above 32 case 35 cpu Idle 35 case 45 CPU load.
  23. JimShady23

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  24. Secondgunman

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    Well one problem that case is for an Intel system and well Intel sucks there is nothing you can tell me to make me think otherwise. I have said for years that intel strong arms companies into selling their CPUs and now the proof is coming to light. Canada is about to launch an investigation regarding Intel after tests at three Universities proved that the Bulk of AMD CPUs out preform Intel and yet Itel is holding the market in "Power Systems". AMD are being used more and more in Hollywood for CGI one of the most workload intesive jobs you can make a computer do. The reason they are used is the Film companies have millions of dallors to work with in their IT department and test computers build on meny builds (Intel AMD MAC) and they use the ones that do the best job. Now if Film companies are using AMD for the CGI rendering now why would you pick anything els for the next most demanding jobs you can toss at a computer Gaming? Go AMD and GO 939 socket.

    as far, as NVIDIA vs Ati goes I will tell you NVIDIA will runbetter on AMD then Ati by a hair. I do run NVIDIA on my gaming rig I am very happy with NVIDIA, but I feel even thought Ati Lags behind they allways put out a better product overall with better options. This is going to be a battle I am staing out of I use Ati and Nvidia about the same and they both have served me just aswell in the past. :knock:
  25. Secondgunman

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    yah that is a real good Idea...

    Yah smoking around your computer is a real good idea... as a smoker myself I DON'T allow smoking in my house let alone around my $7000.00 $11000.00+ of computer eq that is normaly sitting in my computer room. Do you know what smoke will do to your computer?

    (1) The tar that forms on the computer component are laddened with metals that conduct ESD across that boards and chips
    (2) This tar also instalates the system increasing the board Temps.
    (3) The odd mixture of the smoke allows for patches of very pH Baisic and Acids to form on the boards and chips this eats away and the system just from the humidity in the air.
    (4) The Tar acts like a glue and adhere dust lint, hairs, and furs to the components acting like a big worm blanket.
    This list continues, you think smoking decrease human life you should see computers. I worked on a system that was 6 months old used by a shut-in that smoked 2 packs a day, this new P4 was bad i have seen old PIIs do better then this.
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