Which DVD player is better?

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Aug 2, 2003
  1. I'm going to be buying a progressive scan DVD player very soon, and i have found these two DVD players that seem to fit my every need... they're even region free!
    I don't have a lot of money to spend, thats why these two are an awesome deal for what they give... they are both around 150 CDN...

    Here is the JVC XV-N44SL


    It has this Digital Direct Prog. Scan... i've never heard of it before... do you know if it's legit?

    And the Toshiba SD-3900


    Now, this Toshiba has a 3:2 Pulldown, as opposed to 2:3 with the JVC... would that make a difference?

    Here is part of a review of the Toshiba:

    "In terms of features, the SD3900 falls squarely in the middle of the progressive-scan pack. Along with the standard array of A/V outputs and surround decoders, the unit offers 3:2 pull-down--a nice addition. Filmed material such as Star Trek: Insurrection benefited from progressive-scan mode, but the video processor remained engaged during some 30-frames-per-second video discs. As a result, concert DVDs and other video-based material looked poor, with jaggy artifacts and an overprocessed appearance. Overall performance in interlaced mode was all right, though the lines crawling on the space pod's curved edges in 2001: A Space Odyssey indicated imperfect anamorphic downconversion, the process that converts Enhanced For Widescreen discs for display on non-wide-screen TVs. "

    I have a 34" Toshiba WideScreen HDTV... so would that mean i wouldn't have that problem?

    My TV also has this "ColorStream" thing by Toshiba... and so does the DVD player... would the two compliment eachother? Or would it not make a difference?
    I've looked at all the reviews available online, and it looks as though more people have said bad things about the Toshiba, but they say the black colors show up very well... and thats a thing i've noticed about a lot of DVD players... they can't show black very well...

    Best Buy has both of these DVD players, so i guess i'll have to go there and try them both out if they have my TV out...
    I would just like some opinions on what you've seen from the specs...

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  3. JackieChanIsGOD

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    I'm still boggled over what to get........


    Thanks anyway...

    Any other opinions?
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    on site

    visual inspection.......it's amazing, when you go to pick a television, how many suck.............in comparison to your selection.........do that in regards to your player
  5. JackieChanIsGOD

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    I guess that's the best choice...
    I've been leaning towards the JVC lately....
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    is your tv hd ready?
    if it is, you wont get true hd (1080i or 720p) signals, but rather a 480p signal
    if you have a dvi input on your tv, i would suggest a Bravo DV 1 from V, inc which is a spinoff from princeton graphics. it can scale to both 1080i and 720p to give you a true HD movie that rivals the cinema. and it only costs $200
    here is a link to a review http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,3973,1211460,00.asp

    as for colorstream, i believe its just toshiba's fancy name for component i/o, as rca calls theirs the v-port. i may be wrong though

    we have an older model JVC-SV502 progressive scan dvd player and its shows great pq, albeit we only have a standard 27" anologue tv at the moment
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