Which free/purchased Antivirus is the best, to you? Post your opinion!

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Jan 11, 2005
  1. Hi, everyone! I'm planning on getting a new antivirus software and I noticed I've no idea which one to get. So...

    ...Which Antivirus is the best one, to you? Why? And if you have to buy it...

    ...Which free Antivirus is the best one, to you? Why? (just in case I can't afford the previous one)

    I currently own Mcafee's VirusScan 6.0, engine and dat actualized, and I heard good words about NOD32, like fast scanning, good database and small footprint. Don't know about any really good free ones.

    ...what's your opinion? :giddy:

    See you!
  2. Nodsu

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  3. crazykid99

    crazykid99 TS Rookie Posts: 50

    Read every forum made by crazykid99 and you should see the answers. Basically ZoneAlarm Pro 5.5 is the best firewall aong with Outpost and Sygate. AVG and AntiVir are the best free ones. I highly recommend AVG. The best AV's are kaspersky/NOD32. SOme say Norton, pc-cillin. they both suck and norton is a resource hogger, slows computer down. I've tried them.
  4. Ph30nIX

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    i agree that norton is slow, but on a good computer i think it is great.
    The real-time virus scanning is great, if you try to copy something off a CD that has a virus on it, it wont let you, and locks up the CD so you cant access any files on it. norton AV combined with Ad-Aware and Zone Alarm, and Using firefox is i think the best way to protect yourself, i think you cna probably get a free 90day trial with norton av, but after that you cant do live updates.
  5. Nodsu

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    How would this be "good"?
    So I have one prank macro virus or a false alarm (Norton is really good at false alarms) on my backup CD containing my ten years' work and I can't access any of it without rebooting the computer or something?
  6. andygibbs

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    avg free-edition is the best free antivirus i've used

    for a firewall u could try kerio personal firewall, its free to download, but you only get the full features for 30 days then it becomes a limited version
  7. Ph30nIX

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    well ifs its a real virus then you could try getting it off and cleaning it, but if oyur desperate just disable norton....
  8. nellakita

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    AVG or Avast

    i think AVG or Avast anti virus software are the best
    you willl notice if you do the research that the free version detect worm, Trojans horses,spyware, and much more plus these utilities have an exellent virus removing tool better then any leading software utility outhere
    and also run microsoft antispyware beta and thats it and youll have a very safe system note this is my opinion from doing research
  9. IronDuke

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    Who would rely on a beta? Especially from M$.

  10. nellakita

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    NOD32 is now to be the best virus protection software do the research on it you will be impressed the free version isnt as good in this case id stay with the anti virus software i mentioned earlier but if you are to buy NOD32 it 51 dollors canadian and its amazing
  11. crazykid99

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    I haven't been on lately due to the fact that the Techspot moderators think that they can do wutever they want and treat people like me (who devote their lives to computers and want to protect computers from serious problems) like crap. Read my forums to see how they treat me. For me, the best AV is either Norton 05, which my dad just bought, NOD32, or KAV Pro. The best free ones are Avast (better than AVG) and BitDefender. AntiVir PE is good too. Look on www.virus.gr for very good AV detection ratings.
  12. nucleardreams

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    Designed by those in the russian community. It has the fastest growing fan base in Europe. Tested #1 by a number of the largest PC mags in Germany.
  13. miguelva

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    I'm working for an important company in Europe and we have just re-select Panda Antivirus as the best antivirus product for us. We have installed McAfee VirusScan 8.0 in a hundred computers, but he have decided to continue with Panda.

    Note: However, although we believe Panda is the best antivirus for PCs, they need improve their software for servers (for large-size companys): administration is simpler in other products such as McAfee, Trend Micro or Symantec.

    , and
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