Which is Faster? L1/L2

By eddy05 · 10 replies
Jun 21, 2002
  1. Which is faster? the L1 or L2 cache? presuming they are running at full speed instead of half speed. Both P4 and Athlon XP.
  2. guyferd

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    if you compare L1 & L2 cache for computer speed, I guess L2 cache is faster than L2 because it's like the processor memory, but both L1 & L2 cache are very important for the computer speed.
    so i suggest a computer with L2 cache bigger. :p
  3. SNGX1275

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    L1 is faster and more expensive, thats why you don't see much L1. L2 though is an important step before it actually searches the RAM for it.
  4. eddy05

    eddy05 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 152

    So actually how fast are the cache? I only know L2 cache are as fast as the CPU clock, but how about L1?
  5. Vehementi

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    Re: Re: Which is Faster? L1/L2


    If my knowledge is correct, the L2 cache, which is the backside bus, or BSB (no boy bands here :mad: ) is half the CPU clock.
  6. TS | Thomas

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    CPUs not really my thing but L1 cache I believe is the same speed as the CPU, most L2 usually only runs at a fraction of CPU speed & can be on, or off die.
    L2 cache I think used to actually be part of the motherboard before it was added onto the CPU itself. It's just really fast RAM.
  7. Didou

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    It's very hard to find articles talking about cache that aren't 5 years old. At the time, L2 cache was still onboard or on the CPU Socket but not On-Die. There are some info on how L1 & L2 caches work here ->

    1. http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1252&p=5

    2. http://www3.sk.sympatico.ca/jbayko/cpuAppendC.html

    3. http://www.hardwarecentral.com/hardwarecentral/interviews/1465/3/

  8. DaProffessaT34

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    L2 is. If you compare I think it is L2 cache.
  9. howard_hopkinso

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    Why have you posted in a thread that`s almost 4 years old? :p
  10. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    & on top of that, with wrong information. At least read the previous posts before giving in to your thread necrophilia & replying.
  11. CMH

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    Lol, don't you love the nostalgia... :p
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