Which is the best antivirus?

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Jan 3, 2011
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  1. abe10tiger

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    Does Avira Version 10 suck?
  2. vaff

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    I 've been using Microsoft Security Essentials for the past few months and have found it to be the most effective and least intrusive of any of the others I've tried (AVG, Zonealarm). The key is to set the uploads to automatic/daily, as manual uploads weren't working.
  3. StreamRecorder

    StreamRecorder TS Rookie

    Kaspersky antivirus (kaspersky.com) is the best.

    but if you use Linux or Mac, you will have much fewer problems with viruses if any at all
  4. ansh1993

    ansh1993 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 93

    thank you people ...
  5. Boriqa

    Boriqa TS Rookie

    I'll base my decision on two factors. First, consider your equipment resources such as RAM , OS, and CPU. It is important to know the capacity that your system can handle. Second, choose the right version of antivirus base on your needs. Norton 360 is really good , but Internet Security is probably all you need.
  6. tomarsk

    tomarsk TS Rookie

  7. cliffordcooley

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    And I for one will continue supporting MSSE for a little while longer, simply because MSSE doesn't nag. MSSE hasn't completely fallen, when it does that will be when I move on. Hopefully by then (if it ever comes to pass) all the others will understand, that nagging is highly unacceptable. I don't except any nagging from any application. The minute I realize the application is nagging, it is un-installed and placed on my personal black list.

    I will use my PC without an AV before I use an AV that;
    • constantly nags
    • makes my PC sluggish or stutter
    If I did use another AV, it would probably be Avast.

    Side Note:
    I will never pay anyone for protection from someone that doesn't show their face. For all I know it would be the very one I'm paying that I need protection from. If you can't protect yourself, you are delusional if you think paying someone else will protect you.
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