Which is the best DVD/CD burner.

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Jan 24, 2006
  1. I have a Sony DVD/CD Burner which is a disaster..I am looking for a dependable burner..One that won't hop, skip, and jump when it is burning a new DVD..I am looking for the best in the consumer line..Any ideas. Can you help??
  2. LipsOfVenom

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    i have a sony DVD-RW....it works just fine, haven't had any skipping or anything....the only thing is that one must decode/encode properly and write at a low speed..i.e. 2 or 4x since fast writing = less accuracy. But if you want to buy a new one, the lite-on brand is nice and HP is good too.
  3. Scorchy Tawes

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    Thanks. I'll try shorter burn speed.
  4. LNCPapa

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    I've had great luck with both Plextor and LiteOn. Plextor if you have extra cash to spare - LiteOn if not. I burn everything at full speed if the media allows. DVDs at 8x and CDs at 52x and almost never have any messages about buffer underruns that almost happened. I had a Sony CD burner once that I ended up giving away for free 'cause I thought it was a piece of crap.
  5. david3urns

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    I've used LiteOn for several years now and never had any problems with any of their drives i've had. they've been very dependable and rarely if ever turned out a bad cd/dvd
  6. iss

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    You could have simply gotten a lemon, it happens. it could also be media issues. different brands of burners generally have preferences for different media. buy quality media, stay away from store brands bargain brands and anything that says memorex. go with Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, or Maxell.

    Sony Burners are all rebadged Lite on's and they are generally very good and very reliable. BenQ 1620, 1640, and 1655 drives are excellent drives. Plextor is also top notch ( the plex 740 is a rebadged BenQ 1640 and not built by plextor though).

    Last but not least check the ide channel that your drive is on and make sure it is operating in DMA2 mode. and not PIO.
  7. UnLeashed

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    Well , I have a Sony DVD-RW , 810A model , it runs just fine , with no problems , just use a decent blank brand and dont use full speed and u would be ok .
  8. sjps220

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    I have a lite-on dvd/cd burner. I've had it for about 2 years now and I've never had a problem with it at all. I use it at max speed all the time. I can't even remember burning any coasters. Before this drive I had an hp cd burner and I made enough coasters to last a lifetime! I would buy from Lite-on again, and I would definitely reccomend it to others.
  9. kodrutz

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    You could try a NEC or LG dvd-writer, they are pretty good, especially the LGs are a nice choice, after the cd-writers 52/32/52 built by them who were some very unfortunate models, really messed up.
    I must say that I've had my bad experiences with 2-3 Sony drives, and I don't recommend them to anyone!
    You could also go with Asus, another good choice.
  10. LNCPapa

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    I don't understand how you guys can be okay with saying "Don't burn at full speed." Guess you have to buy a Sony 100X burner to burn at current day speeds comfortably. I burn all my media at full speed on my plextor and LiteOn drives and haven't had issues doing so. The only speed problems I've ever had are issues with media telling the drive that max speed was lower and that is still a pretty rare thing.
  11. kodrutz

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    Understand this - I burnt audio cds for my uncle at 44X(full speed) with my Yamaha CRW-F1E writer, using Audio QR mode, and my writer writes using CAV at full speed. Plextor are also high-end writers and burn using full speed CAV, the problem with most low and mid-range drives is that they burn media at full speed CLV, and that makes a LOT of difference when it comes to the quality of the data laid on the disc.
  12. spartanslayer

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  13. iss

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    The 716AL is a slot loader and is more expensive than the tray loaders.
  14. YellowC4S

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    I personally have a preference for Plextor.
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