which memory speed is the best for me?

By johnnygreek
Dec 2, 2006
  1. I just purchased a P-4 D 945 and also bought a new mob which is an Abit AB9-Pro. I read that its not much good to buy the ddr2 800 if my cpu is only 800fsb. Is this true? Damn memory is so expensive! If I only need 667 memory then why pay more for the 800? Is there that much of a difference in performance from 667 to 800? Also, all this info about latency timings clouds my thinking! I'm usually just a gamer with a pci expressX16 evga 6800 ultra.My max memory for my mob says 8 gigs but I also read that windows xp may only recognize 3 gb? I have 4 ddr2 slots,2 - channel. I'm going to start off with 2X1gb in dimms 1and3 then mabe in a couple of paydays I'll get 2 more 1gb sticks.Ive been watching Pricewatch and they have a pair of corsair 1gb(DDR2 6400/ 800 XMS2),$240.00 after rebate and is rated a 5 egger. seems to have alot of good reviews on newegg but some not so good,alot of DOAs.Any input would be much appreciated!By the way, my mob is abit ab9-pro with an intel 965 chipset.I know some boards are picky with which type of memory to use.Does anyone know the best compatible memory for the 965 chipset board?
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