Overclocking Which Passive Gfx 8600gt Gfx Card Runs Cooler,the Gigabyte Or Asus?

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the gigabyte the factory overclocked and seems to run the same temp as asus.

GIGABYTE GV-NX86T256H GeForce 8600GT


Tech hounds says the gigabyte is 61c and the asus is 62c idle im guessing

this review says the gigabyte goes 57 idle and 79c on load http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MTM3OSw5LCxoZW50aHVzaWFzdA==

and this review says the asus runs as at 54c on idle,but doesnt give a load


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it doesn't really matter, it wont run better even at 5 degrees colder.
as long as it doesn't pass a certain level of heat it will operate almost exactly the same


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Eithyer way I would suggest a slot mountable fan to cool that chip. I bought a slot mount with twin fans that also has a slider control for fan speed 2400/4000 rpm. Vantec makes it and it really cools even the hottest application. It even lights up. (blue led's) $17.99 +tax.


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Actually, the test reports I have seen on slot fans show that they change the internal temperature or the chip temperature very little. A better heat sink, a larger cpu fan, and terrific thermal paste are better investments... Still, I always add at least one case fan to pull the hot air out, and another to keep air moving across the mothergboard, test or no tests.


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i have a gigabyte passively cooled and it runs on 47C-50C idle, i dont know what kind of cases it was tested but mine is a tiny micro case, with 2 outtake and 1 intake. I dont think it should be that high, it aint a highend card.

And under load it can get up to the 70's, depends usually on how demanding the game is, for example the orange box games are high 60's almost 70 but from what i've been told its safe so its alright.
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