Why do I have 13 svchosts.exe running

By Akai ยท 26 replies
Oct 3, 2008
  1. LookinAround

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    Nice find on that link Bobbye! Will look into each of those services to see if they have the same impact on Akai's system.

    In parallel suggest we also look at CPU Usage from a system perspective. When usage is high, try to see
    - if that one svchost process in particular is contributing and by how much
    - if any other process regularly appearing when usage is high

    Akai: [post=669536]See this post on how to use Process Explorer to help find processes using the most CPU[/post]
  2. Bobbye

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    Akai, this is not my forte, but give it a try:
    Check which svchost is causing the problems by opening the Task Manager and matching the PID shown there with the PID shown in TaskList. Done.

    Once you identify the proper svchost, take a look at the services that are being launched by that svchost. Done
    Disable all the services started by it and enable it one by one to isolate the exact service that's causing the problem. Following:

    Copy-paste this into notepad and Save As something.bat ( choose All Files in the drop-down box). Run the batch file.

    After each Pause, a Service is started. Wait for a Service to load and check the memory usage. If its normal, then that's not the Service. Keep starting the Services and waiting till you get the Service that's using up the memory.

    This is from a site addressing a problem almost identical to yours. I just tailored the processes to yours.
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