Why does The Sapphire 6700XT Only Use 170 Watts Max in My Games?

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I just bought a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6700 XT, ( exhausted yet? ) and so far, it has been a gigantic mystery and growing disappointment.
I've run about 5 well knows GPU benchmark apps, and aLL THE SCORES ARE RIGHT.

More to the point, all the wattage numbers are right. But, when IO play games, instead of 99% usage and 220 watts - 230 watts, I still get 99% usage ( mostly, sometimes 90w for a second ) but I NEVER go past 170 watts.

And the FPS suffers. Sometimes, the wattage goes all the down to 111 watts, and I"ve even seen less thn 60 watts. And the FPS drops into a chasm right along with it.

So far, I've played GTA V, X-COM 2, and Assetto Corsa.

May someone please talk me down from the ledge I find myself on?

I am supposedly in the correct BIOS. I mean, it does perform as it should when running those 5 benchmark programs.

I have everything up to date. I uninstalled my old drivers in safe mode with DDU.

I have the latest system BIOS for my Strix B450-f

Please help me, anyone?