Why does Windows screw up so often in so many ways?

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Dec 19, 2008
  1. old101

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    I think that the notion that Vista was "seriously flawed" when introduced is an urban legend. I got my Vista Ultimate as an OEM installation, only five months after its introduction, on a modestly priced Dell desktop. After I cleared all the crap that came with it (Symantec Security, Office trialware, some games), I installed my own Security suite, Open Office, a higher version of MS Works I already had and my system went on without a glitch or any failure of any kind for over a year. It took SP2 to achieve that level of stability in XP.

    The first problem, now resolved had to do with the inability to install SP1. This proved to be due to incompatibility of some drivers, which I blame on Dell since they are the ones that put the box together. You cannot expect an OS designer to make the program compatible with a zillion different devices people plug into their computers.

    As to a "problem between a chair and the keyboard" it happens more than most of us realize. I know, I had been one in the past, and will probably be one in the future. There is no shame in learning from your mistakes. That is why forums such as this are priceless locations for learning. If you have a problem, state clearly what it is, and ask how to fix it. The when somebody tells you to do "this" instead of "that", and "this" works, thank for the advice and close the thread. Open a new thread to pontificate on the state of the software industry.
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    this is a different thread from the one where I detailed my problem with the missing files, System Restore, and the hard disk. I'd never put all that in one thread. And I always thank anyone who offers help as my Grandmother raised me right. On this thread I simply wanted to know what the deal is with all the glitches in Microsoft products.
    "The problem is between the keyboard and the chair" is most insulting. I do what the instructions on the software or whatever it is says to do. I'm very careful about what I download. When I eat macaroni and cheese in order to afford the "better" product, I expect to it work as advertised.

    And no, I don't expect a software engineer to plan for each and every one of the devices people hook up to their computers. One CD\DVD burner is all I have hooked up to mine.

    It seems some tech folks like Vista, many don't. That's fair, but let's not insult the people who want to know what's going on.
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