Why is this happening


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I got a work computer in 2019 and have been wanting to improve it. It only had 2 fans ( there is no typo ) which was the PSU and CPU fan.

I got 3 new fans that I put in the Case, 2 connected to the motherboard and 1 connected to Molex. Now when I turn on the PC after 1 minute it turns back off, no beep, no display. I have tried searching on google but barely any results came up, only ones about the PC turning on randomly.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong please give me answers

Information about the System

Motherboard: ASUS P5KPL
Front Panel Fan: 90mm NMB-MAT7 Fan ( Connection: 4-Pin to Molex )
Rear Panel Fan: Foxconn PVA070E12N Fan ( Connection: 4-Pin but it connects to 3-Pin on the Motherboard )
Side Panel Fan: Delta Electronics Brushless EFB0812HHB Fan ( Connection: 5-Pin but it connects to 3-Pin on the Motherboard )
GPU: Asus EN7200GS
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad
CPU Socket: LGA775
CPU Fan: Intel FHP-7543A by Fukijura ( Connection: 4-Pin PWM CPU )

If you want Information about anything else just tell me


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Disconnect the three new fans. Reboot. Are things back to normal? Add them back one at a time, rebooting each time. If the problem reoccurs, you'll know which fan and connector is the problem. Go from there.