Why my PC is slower now ??

By franklogus · 5 replies
Sep 22, 2004
  1. Hi all !
    I have built a new PC at last July, and my “old” PC is as a “back-up” machine now... I want that my “old” PC, after some changes, have around 80% of the performance of my “new” one. So, I have done a partial up-grade of my “old” PC (as I had a big expense with my “new” PC, I had not enough money to complete the up-grade of my “old” one), and I am thinking that it (the “old” one) is a bit SLOWER now (despite of I have changed some parts of it). I can feel the decrease of performance when doing some tasks as: video encoding, installing / loading games, joining / splitting big files (1GB or more), etc …
    The basic spec of my “old” PC, from which I am perceiving this strange behavior, WAS / IS:

    BEFORE (WAS) :

    - P4 1.6 Ghz (Willamette – BUS = 400Mhz (4x100)
    - Asus P4B MoBo (supports until P4 2.0 )
    - 756 MB of SDRAM Memory (3 x 256MB PC 133 Samsung)
    - 01 HD Seagate 40 GB, Ultra-ATA 100, 7200 rpm, 2 MB cachê.
    - Inno3D Tornado GeForce4 MX 440 Video Card (128 MB; AGP 8x)

    NOW (IS) :

    - P4 1.6 Ghz (Willamette – BUS = 400Mhz (4x100)) à NOT “UP-GRADED” YET
    - Asus P4SDX MoBo (supports until P4 3.06 – 533 MHz) (UP-GRADE)
    - 512 MB of DDR 333 PC 2700 Memory (2 x 256MB Kingston) (UP-GRADE)
    - 02 HDD’s :
    01 HD Maxtor 120 GB, ATA 133, 7200 rpm, 8 MB Cachê. (UP-GRADE) +
    01 HD Seagate 40 GB, Ultra-ATA 100, 7200 rpm, 2 MB Cachê (as slave/the “old” HDD).
    - Gigabyte Radeon 9600 XT Video Card (128 MB; AGP 8x) (UP-GRADE)

    I am intending to buy a new processor to this PC around December (probably a P4 2.8 533MHz). So, for the time being, I have some doubts, and I would like some help:
    1) Why is my “old” PC slower after my partial up-grade? My current memory is faster/better, my new “system” HDD is bigger and has a better cache (8 MB x 2 MB).
    I don’t know about these matters, but I was thinking that this decrease of speed could be because my “old” processor (P4 1.6Ghz – 400 Mhz FSB) works in a different FSB than my current MoBo and the memory (533 Mhz FSB). Is it possible or my suspicion do not make sense? Or it could be, perhaps, because my new HDD is very bigger than the old one, and my old processor spend more time to” find the data” inside it ? I really don’t know how to explain this reduction of performance, which is reasonable…
    2) What could I do to increase a bit its performance, until I have money to buy a new processor in the end of the year?
    3) Can someone say me if the cooler of the P4 2.8 Ghz (533 Mhz) is as “noisy” as the P4 3.0C (HT) cooler ?? I hate the noise of the stock cooler of my “new” PC, and I would like that the stock cooler of the processor that I am intending to buy to my “old” one was quieter…
    Well, that’s it … Any information / help would be very appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    1) I think you are on the right track. It is best to keep the memory and CPU FSB the same (1:1 ratio) if possible. You probably won't see much of an increase from the previous system since you have not changed the processor.
    2) To get more performance:
    a) you can try to OC the CPU to get the ratio closer to 1:1.
    b) you could underclock the memory to the same FSB as the CPU.
    c) verify you have the latest BIOS.
    d) verify you have all the latest drivers installed.
    3) The cooler will probably be about as loud. With a higher frequency, there will be more heat and a cause for faster fans that happen to be louder. Look into Zalman for cooling options.

  3. franklogus

    franklogus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Thanks for your answer, Bug!
    Well, I have already the latest BIOS and drivers, so, I will do your advice and try to underclock the memories to the same FSB of the processor, because, as I am reading in another forums where I did the same question, the most of the people think that my bottleneck is really the FSB of my current processor... And, perhaps, too, the size of my "new" HDD, which can be a bit large to my old & cachectic P4 1.6... Hehehehehe...
    About to overclock my processor, I think that it can be a waste of time, because the Willamettes seems to be poor on this matter...
    Thanks a lot for your hints and your attention with me, BUG !!
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    You have less memory now, and if I remember correctly, slow devices in IDE bus slow down other devices in the same channel. So if you have the old drive as slave, it could affect the master drive's performance.
  5. franklogus

    franklogus TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Thanks for your information, Mictlantecuhtli !
    I didnt know that one HDD slower affects other... But, in my especific problem, I think I need REALLY to get another processor; there is not another alternative.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for your attention !
  6. Strakian

    Strakian TS Rookie Posts: 136

    The RAM amount should be find, since it's effectively DDR, that 512 is roughly the equivalent of 1GB SDRAM.

    The proc/FSB issue is just, I have had this same probelm with earlier computer builds. It's VERY important to match up the FSB with memory FSB support. Don't buy a 400FSB proc for 333 DDR etc, it just confuses the hardware.
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