Wierd video problem, Need help quickly please!

By dangerous_dom
Jul 30, 2005
  1. First off, hi all!

    Right, I'll buy a couple of beers for the person who can tell me what is wrong with my new setup (via paypal that is ). Coz i'll damned if i can sort it.

    Ok, just got an Abit AN8 Ultra, A643700, 2x512 Corsair TwinX RAM and an XFX 6600gt.

    Installed it all without any problems and it booted first time. Then installed Windows XP. Then I installed SP2 and the motherboard drivers. Great, everything going well i thought. Then i installed the lastest Forceware drivers. I rebooted, watched the POST screen and the Windows splash logo, then just as the splash screen disapears as normal just before the welcome screen should appear my Iiyama TFT goes say's "NO SIGNAL".
    I kept rebooting but this always happened at the same point so i started in safe mode. Worked ok in safe mode (VGA) so i removed the drivers and tried the ones in the box - same problem.

    I then thought it might be my PSU. I tried another higher rated one, but still had the same problem. So i reseated my GFX card, reset the BIOS and tried again with the minimum of hardware installed. Still no joy. So at this point i started to think the card was at fault. But then i remembered i had an old CRT monitor. I plugged it in (using a DVI-VGA adaptor) and it all worked fine. I then also tried a TV on the TV-OUT. Tis also worked fine.

    So, I faulty TFT then maybe i thought. I thought this odd as it worked until the upgrade. SO i took the monitor to my local computer store and tried my monitor and DVI cable on one of thier machines with a DVI card. It worked fine!

    So where the hell do i go from here?

    Just to recap;

    Monitor/cable works fine on other PC with 6600gt DVI
    CRT works fine, as does TV out.
    Have tried 2 PSU's
    Have reset the CMOS a few times.
    I have tried both DVI ports.
    i have tried with and without the iiyama drivers
    I have tried 2 sets of forceware drivers
    I have even tried running it as dual monitor - both work fine, but only the CRT gets to the welcome screen and desktop.

    I am so confused, why won't my GFX card an monitor work together in any mode other than VGA?

    Ok, Someone on another forum said they had a card with a faulty RAMDAC, which would only output a VGA analogue signal and not a DVI.

    That would make sence, in that i may have to opposite problem; no DVI, just analogue i think.

    Can anyone confirm just what happens when a DVI-VGA adaptor is used? I mean, the CRT monitor obviously can't acept a digital signal and the simple adaptor surely cant be converting the digital signal to analogue. So the gfx card must be recognising that an analogue CRT monitor is connected and switching to output an analogue mode, yes?

    If thats the case that may explain why it work's on my old CRT monitor but not the TFT with DVI. What do you think? Or am i going down the wrong road here?
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,188   +470

    There have been problems with the latest Forceware driver, 77.72. Try 71.89 or older.
  3. dangerous_dom

    dangerous_dom TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, but i have also tried the ones that came with the card. Surely they would have been well tested.

    Where can I find even older drivers?
  4. whitesealstudio

    whitesealstudio TS Rookie

    DVI isn't specifically a digital signal more just a way to send a signal to an output. DVI was primarily created to support high definition displays and before DVI Pioneer Elite tried to push a different connection (HDMI? Maybe), I can't remember what though. DVI can pass both a digital and analog signal but it depends on what your hooking it up to. LCD's were marketed with this DVI because high definition boxes supplied this type of connection. I had the same problem with a 21" Sun Microsystems monitor and an ATI card. What I could suggest is that you plug the CRT into the main and the TFT into the secondary. When the computer boots and you can access the ATI control panel enable dual monitors and force display detection. This problem drove me nuts.


    I hope this helps
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