Wifi Reception Antenna Mod Question

By a1nerd
Mar 20, 2006
  1. KingCody

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    you can try adding a USB extension cable then moving it around until you get a better signal. Since the antenna is inside of that thing, no "modding" can be done. If that doesn't work, you will have to buy another network adapter.

    This one has pulled in excellent signals from my router in the other end of the house when my 2 other adpaters would only get a low or medium signal. check it out here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16833124126

    BTW, i hope you are attempting to use public hotspots and not leach off of somebody's home network!
  2. N3051M

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    or build yourself a little wigit :D

    aluminium foil + direction does wonders..
  3. Tedster

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    no such thing as leeching..... if you are dumb enough to not secure your home network, then you're giving away free signal.
    anyway back to the question.......

    USB cable length has nothing to do with signal gain (actually it can cause loss from line resistance.) However, with a USB cable, you can orient the WIFI key in a direction where the signal is strongest. You can get wifi detectors in radio shack.

    Radio signals are finicky and unpredictable. Since WIFI signals operate in the same band as microwaves, garage door openers, and some cordless phones, a lot of things can affect gain to include natural barriers like metal framing.

    The best thing to do is just orient your WIFI key where the signal appears strongest.
    WIFI has very limited range without normal amplification.
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