Wiggy Laptop - Need input

By mrsdkellysr
May 8, 2008
  1. Working on an HP Pavillion LAPTOP for a friend. Cleaned all the "dust and crud" out of it. It may very well be toast however this is what I get now - has mind of its own as it isn't doing any consistantly:
    a. Power up - goes to black HP screen and shuts off.
    b. Power up - hit f8 (sometimes it will allow me to go to safe mode) sometimes it locks or just shuts off as soon as you touch any buttons.
    c. Power up - will go all the way to XP and alow you to move about and select items and then it just freezes.

    One thing I have noticed - anytime I get it to where I can format the C Drive it will lock on me! Or if I get anywhere near a location where I can make changes - it will lock up so I have to completely shut down!

    Once in a while it starts up telling me that a part of the system32 file is missing or corrupt - However I cannot get into it enough to get it to repair as it locks up.

    I have attempted to reinstall XP - still same issue - if I try to R repair - locks up toatally.

    I am wondering if this could be a virus or if it is most likely damage from it not being "maintained" and that the unit got too hot?
    Any input will be appreciated.
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