Will a 8800Gtx fit on an ASUS P5W DH DELUXE in a midsize case?

By Mitch N Fitch
Dec 26, 2006
  1. Has anyone read or tryed putting a ASUS EN8800GTX video card on a ASUS P5W DH DELUXE mother board in a mid size case? I was reading in CPU magizine and the ASUS P5W DH DELUXE got the mother board of the year award. And the GeForce 8800GTX got the best video card of the year even though it came out so late in the year because it is the first DX10. Iv also read in some review that the 8800GTX wont fit in anything short of a full size case. I wanted to know if that was true or not. And how big of a PSU i would need for this?
  2. sghiznaneck

    sghiznaneck TS Maniac Posts: 403

    Not true that it won't fit in anything less than a full tower. I'm running one in a mid tower, but it's a tight fit. It all depends on how the motherboard is layed out and how your bays are designed. The card is a little longer (by a few centimeters) than the motherboards, but that isn't a problem. The biggest problem that I almost had was that it was very close to interfering with my SATA connectors on my motherboard, but if you're careful, it fit. It's a monster and it takes up two pci bays (along with one pci-e 16x slot) but that's because it uses one bay for intake and one bay for exhaust to cool the card. It's also very heavy. I'm running an XFX 8800 GTX on an EVGA NForce 4 590 SLI Board.
  3. Mitch N Fitch

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    Alright thanks for the info.
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