Will an XP 3000+ overclock better than a 2500+?

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Dec 30, 2003
  1. I've currently got an XP 2500+ barton that i overclock to 2800 speeds by changing the multiplier from 11 to 12.5. I've tried overclocking the fsb as well but it ends up being a little slower in the end than just doing the multiplier. So my question is if i get an XP 3000+ how high will i be able to take it just by changing the multipier. Part of me is afraid that i'll essentially be getting a similar chip as my 2500 barton it will just come clocked with a 13.5 multiplier or something therefore not giving me any room for improvement without adjusting the FSB.
  2. tripleione

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    As far as overclocking the 3000+, I don't think you can without adjusting the FSB because I believe AMD has recently started locking all their processors' multipliers and no one has figured out how to unlock them as of yet.

    I wanted to ask why you overclock using the multiplier, anyway. You do know that an overclock by raising the FSB and lowering the multiplier will yield much more performance, right?
  3. snowman

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    as said in other posts some newer boards unlock the multiplier on locked cpus
  4. Nic

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    If your overclock is suffering due to using slow memory (hence the problems with raising the fsb), then perhaps you should consider upgrading your RAM.

    Also, that 2500+ can easily hit 3200+ speeds and possibly more (I can get 2,400 MHz from mine air cooled - a 3000+ barton runs at 2,166 MHz) if you increase the cpu voltage from the default 1.65v to 1.75v. Make sure you have a decent cooler.
  5. Steg

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    The 2500+ AQXEA's appear to be a 3000+ indiscuise anyway according to a review i read. So while a 2500 AQXEA has been pushed to 3Ghz, with watercooling, it is possible the 3000+ <i>might</m> equal that. Personally Id stick with the 2500+ and some speedy ram and overclock away.

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