Win 10 updates


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Not sure what you are asking...

Let windows do its updates as needed.
If you're picky you can turn on the delay updates for 7 days feature etc.

If an update installs that is not needed it reports to the OS it is not needed and quits. The OS then updates the installed updates list to include and you're good to go.
Hi, I'm using Incredimail quite successfully although its been discontinued. Apparently it still needs Adobe flash player for me to log into my Incredimail.
Windows update keeps trying to install the update to remove Adobe Flash Player from my system.
My work around so far has been to use advanced system care for my windows updates which gives me the option to not install the Adobe Flash Player update. I also create a restore point before using
Advanced System Care cleanup.
is there a better way to do thisšŸ˜‡


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It's surprised me that there has been no evaluation of the termination of Adobe Flash on this forum. I've come across this topic on another forum where the implications for security camera were discussed. Basically, Flash is full of security holes and has been flagged for discontinuation for several years. There does not appear to be anything else to do the same job. Adobe made the situation clear enough and Microsoft are fully supporting them.

Microsoft and Adobe intend to remove Flash completely. There is a Windows 10 update which stops Flash running on a computer which cannot be reversed. The only way round is you have made an earlier restore point or do a full reinstall of Windows 10 avoiding the update. I'd say that you need to junk the software that requires Flash and move on. I have computers running Windows 10 and XP. I am no longer able to view my security camera viewing feed via any internet browser.

So no I don't think there is any alternative.


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Flash player is being removed because:
there are no more updates
it has been a major security risk for YEARS
the world+dog has moved on to html 5

I would stop using any app that requires the use of flash for the first two reasons.