Win XP boot probs: why it happened

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Oct 8, 2004
  1. Well, first of all Windows XP can't boot up even in safe mode, it hangs rigt after loading vgaoem.fom (anybody know what's causing this?) I know that the best solution is probably using the recovery console but I posted this question becase I wanted to know how come this happened (for those who are wondering why I could still use "my computer", I'm using Fedora right now) Anyway, I just got into a friend's house and brought my computer (I did this on some occassions too) the wierd thing is when I booted it up, it all went fine... until after I logged on to my account and it loads the startup items... Windows XP just... hangs... no BSOD, no error message etc... so I restarted the computer. On the second restart, it displayed a BSOD while in the boto up process stating something about a page fault in non-paged area... so I restarted it again, this time... a BSOD just appeared without any information. On the nest restart it seems to work fine: I l;ogged in, the computer finished loading all of its startup items... but not long afterwards, it dispalyed a BSOD IRQL_NOT_MORE_OR_LESS and it states that nv4_disp.sys is the one who caused it... so I restarted my computer again.

    now this time... it won't even get past the bot screen.... it will just hang... so I restarted the omcputer again... and this time.. it displayed whether I would like to use windows in safe mode... but I ignored it and selected "start normally" and the moment I pressed enter.. it hanged.... so I restated it again ad tried accessing it in safe mode... no better...

    my point is why this happens? it has never happened when it is in my house and I doubt that little trip to my friesds house caused enough.....movement(?) to break or scratch the disk....

    any opinios on why this happened?
    thank you...
  2. Liquidlen

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    I tried a search at microsoft with the file mentioned in your error,unfortunately the Knowledge base is down.I suggest you try it ,it may work for you and you may find a simple solution without going through a full recovery. That sounds like you have a bad or old driver and an update may fix it .
    By the way" Welcome to Techspot"
  3. snt2k

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    well, I searched at the KB of microsoft before, at the only issue it caused (well, at least what I found) is that the system will notify that that file is missing or corrupt... but in my case... it just hangs... and I think the processes that we see in the "safe mode" or disabled boot gui screen are display after they have finished successfully... well, that's in my opotion

    anyway thanks for the welcome (....that sounds wierd....)
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    You probably mean vgaoem.fon.
    This is the basic font-file for your PC, which is missing or faulty.
    Either run Repair on your PC or copy the file over from another PC with the same OS.
  5. snt2k

    snt2k TS Rookie Topic Starter

    woops..yep, it's vgaoem.fon whilch is located in the system fonts folder.. but the problem is... my computer didn't notify me of any file missing or corrupt (I think all of the related issues I found have a message saying that a file is missing or corrupt: vgaoem.fon) and the wierd thing is that it just borked up by itself....
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Reading your first post again, moving that PC araound probably unseated something.
    Switch it off and disconnect from the mains.
    Then reseat all your cards, memory and drive-cables, one of them must be loose I guess.
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