Win Xp dual boot - messed up drive letters

By xempler
Sep 23, 2004
  1. Hello,

    I just partitioned my new 120GB hard drive into 3 separate drives. I installed WinXP pro on 2 of the partitions leaving the third one to just store files.
    When I boot into the first WinXP the drive letters look like this:

    Drive C: - 80GB (WinXP Pro #1)
    Drive D: - 30GB (WinXp Pro #2)
    Drive E: - 10GB (Empty)

    Now, when I boot into the second WinXp the drives are all mixed up and look like this:

    Drive c: 30GB (WinXp Pro #2)
    Drive D: 10GB (Empty)
    Drive E: 80GB (WinXp Pro #1)

    Is there any way I can make all the drives the same no matter which WinXP partition I log into?

    Thanks for you help in advance guys.
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