win xp errors with sata drives

By tduck1
Oct 21, 2007
  1. I've got a 0x07b error that has come up several times. First time was with an asrock p4v88 motherboard (witch blew up - don't know why) now I have an asus p4v8x-mx, intel 3.2mhz, 2gb ram, usb 2.0 dvd-rw drive, 2 ide cd/dvd drives. I just got this error THIS time when I used a different windows install disk. The first install cd returned no error but the cd key I have, that used to work does not work any more. I contacted Microsoft and got a new cd key but that doesn't work either. I am at a loss for ideas, Microsoft suggested I buy a new install cd to a tune of $199.00. I don't think so!! edfam sugested to use a different ide socket but I'm using a usb dvd-rw drive. I think I just need the proper cd key. Is there a time when a cd key works then for some reason stops working? The message I get when using my original cd is "the product id is invalid", but not why. any help would be great. Thanks tduck1.
  2. Tedster

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    if your windows is legitimate, then you should not have issues.
    If not, do not ask for help here.
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