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Win XP Pro Game Controllers Applet Problem "Stops Responding"

By sealsd1
Apr 30, 2006
  1. Well this is the second time post from a first time poster so please forgive me if I don’t have all my ducks in a row. I didn’t get a response from the first post so I am going to try again… (If there is any other information needed besides what I have given in this post please let me know.)

    I have scanned my computer at symantics online virus and security checks and it found everything ok and shows I’m protected. I am running ZoneAlarm fire wall and BitDefender 9 Virus protection, Spybot - Search & Destroy, Ad-Aware SE, and SpywareBlaster.

    I have had to uninstall NVIDIA Network Manager to stop the multitudes of BSOD that I was experiencing.

    I’ve checked google and your site to see if I could find a similar problem description but no luck. Found the NVIDIA problem I was having this way.

    Please Help

    I am having a problem when I launch the “Game Controllers” applet in my Win XP Pro Control Panel. It takes anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds to open. Sometimes I wait and the hour glass will go away but no opened applet. After several tries it will finally opens but it will blink, goes blank and is very slow to respond to mouse clicks. The usb game controller I have hooked up shows up in the “installed game controllers” window within the applet with a status of OK but when I click on the properties button to check the controllers calibration (The initial reason I went to check the controller with this applet was I just built this computer and I had my first chance to play a game. I opened Project64 rev.1.6, a N64 emulator and the controller wouldn’t set-up within the game platform. I know the controller works and works with the game platform because I gave my son my old computer and it works fine on it. I have checked the usb controller since I found this problem and it works fine.) Anyway when I click on the properties button it is very slow responding to mouse clicks and also to launch the properties window for the controller. Once open the properties window test tab doesn’t show any indication that I am pressing controller buttons when I am pushing buttons on the controller. Then when I go to close the properties window down it stops responding and I get a End Program dialog box, with:
    “End Program – rundll32.exe” in the header and the message
    “The program is not responding..”

    I hit the “end now” button and get a:
    Windows “send error report” message:

    In header:
    “Run a DLL as an App”

    Under header in white box:
    “You chose to end the nonresponsive program, Run a DLL as an App.”

    I clicked on the: “To see what data this error message contains.” And got this;

    Error signature
    szAppName:rundll32.exe szAppVer: 5.1.2600.2180 szModName: hungapp
    szModVer: offset: 00000000

    I clicked on: “To view technical information about the error report.” And got this,

    Error Report Contents

    I hope this is what you need. If not please let me know!!!
  2. sealsd1

    sealsd1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I guess no one has a clue to a solution for this problem

    Thanks everyone for the views of this problem. This problem still exist and I guess I'll have to reload windows to try and correct this problem.
  3. sealsd1

    sealsd1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem Fixed

    I had given up on fixing the problem and decided to not reload Win XP to try and correct the problem as I had previously stated. I just conceded to the fact that I wouldn't play with a controller until I could correct the problem in the future. I was surprised not even one member responded to my plee for help... Well I was reading the Aug 2006 issue of PC World, Windows Tips on page 126. The article was titled "Fix Windows Glitches by Re-registering Your DLLs" and low and behold after I did what was explained in the article the problem was fix. THANKS PC WORLD!!! Take care everyone...
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