WIN XP Repair install not finishing

By Friday
Feb 19, 2005
  1. Hi all,

    I been having some issues installing drivers for NIC cards. After some troubleshooting decided I would try to do a repair. The repair was going seemingly without issues, only thing was that it took two hours to install driver while it was telling me that the whole process was going to take approximatelly 39 mins. Anyway, finished installing devices and asked for the product key.
    After that it went to installing network and did not move from there. Tried rebooting and going to last known good configuration and took me back to the repair. Can not boot to Safe mode since it just makes me reboot again.
    After that I have left the repair running for now a day and a half and has not moved any. The commercial writing keeps changing, as well as the squares on the bottom right hand corner of the screen keep on scrolling but the progress bar does not change and it is still installing the network.

    Is there a way to get out of the repair so I can get back to Win or a way to make it skip the network install?


    WINXP (no SPs)
    ASUS A7X8A Deluxe (V2.0 BIOS version 1007)
    2 x 512 PC400 DDR DIMMS
    Old Radeon 7000 VGA
    3 HDDs (WD 100G, Maxtor 20G, and Quantum 20G)
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