Win2000 - restarts instead of shutting down

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Apr 18, 2004
  1. I'm running Windows 2000 on my computer. I upgraded from 98 and I couldn't be happier. The one minor problem I've experienced is that about a third of the time I try to shut down the computer, it restarts instead. Anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it?

    Oh yeah and while I'm on the subject, sometimes when I'm playing GTA3 the computer will suddenly and randomly restart. It's maddening!
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Can you tell us if you have any error events in the application event log with source Userenv, event id 1000?
    Or any other errors for that matter?

    As to restarting: other possibilities include overheating, weak PSU. Check the voltages in your BIOS if they are within reasonable limits (equal or less than 5 %)
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  4. Brighter Hell

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    Okay, I'm finally getting around to replying.

    No, there aren't any Userenv, event ID 1000 errors, at least not recently. There are a couple in the event viewer, one from February 1 and another from December 9. There have been some other errors recently - a couple with the source - Liveupdate and event 59 and another with the source being Media Player and event 1000. Are these errors anything to worry about? I don't think there's anything in there about random restarts.

    I have Norton AntiVirus 2003 on my system and it automatically runs in the system tray and performs periodical checks.

    Could the PSU be the problem? Here's a picture of it...

    It came with the system when I got it 2 years ago. The model number is 300, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's 300 W, does it? Looks like 280 to me. I've got ASUS PC Probe running right now and the voltages are running within reasonable limits. It's momentarily fallen below the limit before but I never made anything of it - it's shown the CPU temp as spiking up to 138 C for a second when it's right in the middle of idling at 46 so that's obviously not accurate.

    And finally, the only driver that isn't working as it should is the driver for a Logitech gamepad. It's plug and play so I don't have anything unnecessary installed. Still shows up as an exclamation mark in the Divice Manager though.
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    Looks like yours is indeed a hardware problem. Your PSU +12V is only 10A, any self-respecting PSU nowadays has at least 20A.
    When you play games, the load on your PSU increases due to higher graphic demands. At such moments, the PSU is at its limit and will show symptoms like overload, resulting in restarts etc.

    If you have another PC, try to swap PSU's to make absolutely sure, but my educated guess is a too weak PSU.
    Look for e.g. an Enermax or Antec PSU of minimum 400 Watts, more if you plan to upgrade some time soon.
    Definitely look for brand names PSU's.
    Check in our forums under "Other Hardware" for similar posts
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    Yeah, I had a feeling the PSU could be the culprit so I've been looking at a few in the 400-450 W range. Is the difference between the Antec Solutions series and True Power series mainly the noise levels? If so I'd probably go with the Solutions 450 W PSU (socond link). Here are the ones I've been considering:
    and the Enermax EG465P-VE (FM) 450W ATX
  7. RealBlackStuff

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    either of those 3 will do you fine, matter of budget only I think.
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