Win2K hangs at start-up

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Jan 28, 2008
  1. Win2K OS hangs up after splash page comes up and the progress bar is approx 3/4 of the way across.

    If you leave it go for 30 - 45 minutes it will eventually go to a blank blue screen with no error message with the mouse and keyboard non-functional.

    This occurred after running Trend Micro Housecall free on-line scan. The machine was running slower than usual before that so I thought I would check it for critters as I do once a week or so anyway.

    I can go into Safe Mode with no problem. I've already tried the "Last known good configuration" option but to no avail.

    Win2K version is; Professional, 5.0.2195, Service Pack 4.

    For protection I'm currently running; AV - AVG Free version. Firewall - ZoneAlarm 7.0.362.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. raybay

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    How old is your hard drive, and how much free space does it have. Frequently, this is an early sign of hard drive failure.
    Perhaps you can go to the website of the hard drive manufacturer and run their hard drive fitness test (if it is not a Toshiba).
    Consider switching to Firewalls as Zone Alarm is no longer supporting Windows 2000 Professional well. Complaints about Zone Alarm have been building up since October.
  3. Recore

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    RB -

    The machine is a Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop purchased new in 2001. HD is original.

    Used space - 8.17 GB
    Free space - 1.18 GB

  4. OldBoy2k

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    if you have a Samsung HDD download the Samsung HUTIL and do a hdd check or download Speedfan and check up under S.M.A.R.T options the HDD status.Choose your HDD from the drop-down menu and do a deep analysis scan.So you can see if it is windows or hardware related.

  5. raybay

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    Samsung has much better diagnostics than the Speedfan does... and more reliable...
    Note first if the S.M.A.R.T is highlighted in red, or reporting "unhealthy." If it is "Unhealthy", you do not need to do the long test, as it may run for a while, but it could quit you at any time. That is a sure indicator that you need to obtain a new drive. I recommend only Seagate with the 5 year warranty, or Western Digital with the three year warranty.
  6. OldBoy2k

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    Speedfan is working fine for beginners and for fast checking.Of course specialised HDD tools are more accurate i.m detailed but need also more experience.Thats why i showed up both ways and tools...
  7. SNGX1275

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  8. raybay

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    In our experience, SpeedFan is one of the more unreliable "tools" you can find. We too often have people bring in machines with problmes discovered with Speedfan, particularly heat issues, and speed detection errors, that are not consistent with shop results. As a consequence, we do not trust it.
    I prefer to see the user learn how to use the downloads from the hard drive manufacturers. There is nothing difficult about them, really, and you can trust them 100 percent of the time... and make comparisons with other tested drives,etc.
    The problem with Windows 2000 repair is that too many manufacturers and resellers no longer make the appropriate drivers, chipsets, BIOS, and supplemental software available that one needs with W2K... among these are HP, Dell, Sony, Compaq, SpeedMax... Microsoft is forcing manufacturers to no longer provide online support for W2k so you have to know where to go... Driver Guide is not easy, but is mostly free. Most of the others are not easy, nor are they free.
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