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By Pottah
Mar 5, 2009
  1. Hi,

    Problem is.. got infected by a website, noticed adode load up and fail, then saw java load up. New something was wrong at this point as page had no need for either.

    Ran AVG8.0 and spybot, removed everything they found. Noticed I was still outputting large amounts of data, so pulled my network out. Computer crashed ..came back on to a login screen just hit enter, computer then said something about cant run userinit and would not load desktop, ran a few scans in safe mode (which i can only access by powering off during boot, as does not appear on f8 boot menu) ran scans on safe mode again, can get to desktop now but still infected, as soon as internet goes on, data flies out. Spybot always finds a winlogon registery trojan each time i reboot. AVG8.0 no longer finds anything.

    I wiredsharked the out going data and its spam emails.

    cccleaner ran fine, ran like 9 times.

    SD FIX and combofix wont work. Sdfix runs with y or a selected, then restarts my pc instantly before it does anything. When pc reboots, it does nothing, not sure if thats because of the logon screen that appears.

    Combofix runs and the first time it ran it removed a few things at step3, but when it gets to step50 it just hangs, not sure if this is because notepad no longer appears to be on the pc.

    UPDATE - got combofix to work, left it for 30 minutes and computer rebooted came back on and did log. got a notepad error but log working fine on wordpad.

    Cant run super anti malware, I tried downloading and it stops at 75% all the time, no matter what i do. I downloaded it from another computer and put it on the computer with a usb stick and tried to run, get a random error message. Tried renaming it, again same error message.

    I am completely out of things to try, I have thought of things to remove on the Hijackthis results but I dont want to mess without being sure.

    If anyone could help that would be great.

  2. Pottah

    Pottah TS Rookie Topic Starter

    too many windows elements are now broke. just going to format.

    thanks anyway.
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