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Win7 on Compaq6710b does not recognize external hdd

By BosPatrollie
Feb 25, 2014
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  1. Hi All,

    Right ... problem:

    1. As stated above ... my laptop does not recognize my external. The drive spins up inside the enclosure, the power led lights up ... but it does not show. I have been a Field Support Engineer Tier III for many years and following that a Technical Analyst (all within the IT field) and this one has me totally STUMPED!

    Steps followed:

    1. Checked Compmgmt -> DrvMgmt ... drive does not show (same as DevMgmt.msc -> Drvmgmt)
    2. Went into CMD prompt -> Diskpart -> list disk ... only picks up my primary internal I.e disk 0
    3. I have moved the hdd from one USB port to another - still no difference
    4. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting it multiple times - no avail
    5. Tried rebooting - no avail
    6. Tried rebooting both with/without the external connected - no change
    7. Connected the external to multiple other machines - it picks up on every single one of them
    8. Run RSOP (machine is on a domain) but there are (as confirmed by domain admins) no restriction policies in place ... seeing that my other (smaller in capacity) flash drives all pick up and show.
    9. Ran a full malware scan - clean with the following (in turn, not at the same time ... also not installed simultaneously): MBAM, MSSE, AVAST, ESET - All came back clean.
    10. Ran CCleaner (getting desperate now) and after all cleaning and clearing etc sorted, rebooted machine - still no change.
    11. Checked if the drive shows in BIOS upon restart - it does
    12. Just to slam dunk point 11 above - checked if the drive shows as a possible boot media upon reboot - it does
    13. Only thing left to do is to try any Linux/Unix based boot GUIs to see if it shows in thee as wel; (apps in the line of Knoppix to name but one)
    14. Oh yeah ... also accessed the Advanced Properties af all the available USB Root Hubs and ensured that the computer is not allowed to turn off these devices in order to save power.
    15. I have also downloaded EVERY POSSIBLE LATEST DRIVER from HP's site ... so everything THERE is up to date ... all drivers and firmwares up to date
    16. Flashed the CMOS
    17. Updated the BIOS as well

    If I connect any of my flash drives, or any other mobile device (tablet, phone, usb modem with micro sd card installed) configured as storage, to the laptop, they all get recognized and are accessible ... but NOT my external, even though every single other machine I have connected it to picks it up.

    As per all my points above, please do not suggest the following:

    A. Use of various or random drive checking tools - they won't work as the O/S does not recognize the drive
    B. Right click "My Computer" ... anything starting with that will be a waste as I have already gone through all those steps by means of accessing all relevant interfaces via cmd line interface - I cannot see the drive, so I can also NOT change it's drive letter (just read another post on another forum where the OP requests assistance as he cannot access his drive at all ... kind of similar to my scenario and the suggestions on there drove me out the walls - people missing obvious things and making suggestions which would be declared useless by using some common sense.

    I am going to try and upload prt shots of both diskpart cmd result and compmgmt.msc results ... okay ... failure ... with bmp, jpg and png ... HA ... loaded successfully!

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Oh yeah ... it is a USB powered 2.5" external hdd ... not the 3.5" type which requires external power.

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    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2014
  2. Philip Booth

    Philip Booth TS Member

    Have you tried your Ext Hard drive to be connected to any other PC or Laptop. If the drive is still not recognized consult an expert for this.
  3. BosPatrollie

    BosPatrollie TS Member Topic Starter

    Hi Phillip,

    *SIGH* :p ... yes, I did. :D

    See point 7 in my post. :confused:

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