WIN98Se locks up mouse and keyboard randomly.

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Feb 6, 2005
  1. Hi,
    My system with WIN98Se has the mouse and keyboard lock up randomly. I have 512 mb of RAM PC133, a Visiontek Xtasy Radeon 9200SE videocard. The video card and hard drive are new, and the DFI CA64-TC motherboard was replaced also. The lock up has occurred with two different motherboards, two different hard drives and two different video cards. The Cpu is a VIA C3 800mHZ. Thanks
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Did you reinstall after changing motherboards? If not, your W98 still ahs all the drivers from the original mobo it was installed on, and they will NOT work an a new mobo.
    You new mobo has a driver-CD, install those drivers and see how it goes. Update to all current drivers for your hardware, especially the graphics card.
  3. jjpoolman05

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    Win98SE mouse locks up

    I replaced the motherboard with the exact same one under an RMA. The problem remains. The video card has the latest drivers installed. I haven't flashed the BIOS yet since it didn't do anything when I updated the BIOS on the previous motherboard. Since this problem seems to occur thru two video cards, two mobos and two hard drive I have a suspicion that one or more cables may be bad. Just a hunch. The original machine is about 4 years old. I used the same cables when I rebuilt. I'll let you know thanks for your help.
  4. patio

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    If the problem has ocurred on 2 MBoards it could quite possibly be the mouse itself and or keyboard..

    patio. :cool:
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    See if you can reinstall the mouse-drivers (or replace them with generic W98-drivers).
    Check the Regional Options in Control Panel. Change them to another country, then back again, may revive your keyboard.
    Check in Control Panel/System/Device Manager for any red/yellow signs. They mean trouble.
    Is the cooler properly mounted onto the CPU, the fan working and not dusty?
    Are the fan(s) in the powersupply working properly and not dusty?
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