Winamp And Window Media Player

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Apr 26, 2004
  1. When I download a video off the internet and tried to play it on winamp, window media player. An error box shows up saying something like Module32.dll is not responding. That is not the exact word but close enough. Do anybody knows what wrongs. I will get the exact words of the error message ASAP.
  2. Phantasm66

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    Sounds like a codec problem to me, since you see it in both applications.

    Download as many new versions of codecs as you can, Divx, xvid, nemo codec pack, etc and install them. Uninstall any shareware codecs or codecs you have installed that may have brought the problem on.
  3. SnakeEye

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    OKay, i finally got to my own computer as i was using my school computer, the message say " the DLL "cpuinf32.dll" can not be loaded. OS reports: th specified module could not be found. I have the latest codec an the problem still exist.
  4. SnakeEye

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    it also said the same for mplaps.dll.
  5. SmAsHeR

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    why don't you try going to and downloading the free player there. it plays almost anything. besides why use winamp to play video?
  6. SnakeEye

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    I found the problem. It was conflict with a program for creating ur own dvd from sony Called MyDVD. Thanx for all ur help.
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