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By TS | Thomas
Aug 31, 2005
  1. As per the blog I've finished a Winamp 5 guide which should be posted shortly & covers; Input & Output plugins in detail (MAD, Shibatch, ASIO, DirectSound SSRC, etc.) and other General preferences. So core/quality output options essentially for the moment although I'll be expanding in the next version.
    Post up any suggestions you've got for these additions here, e.g. DSPs worth covering (Perhaps even just a list of suggestions, similar to the Firefox extension listing).
  2. defa

    defa TS Rookie

    publishing video with winamp in live

    I'm publishing a video with winamp 3.0,but the client machine receives only sounds. Can you help me please, inorder that the client machine could receive both video and audio from the source machine? Thank you.
  3. seanp789

    seanp789 TS Enthusiast Posts: 111

    I use a kernel streaming output plugin that bypasses the Directsound buffer and sends it straight to the sound card.

    I would be very curious to see how the now standard in winamp 5.13 fraunhofer codec compares with the MAD decoder you mentioned. It is known as an all integer decoder.

    ISO compliance doesnt really tell which is a better decoder. Being solely integer based (MAD), I can only assume that some precision is lost along the way.

    Any Ideas on how to possibly test this?

    I've had difficultly finding audio material that would subjectively let me decide which one is better.
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